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Team Welch

I am going to a wedding this coming Saturday. This will be the first wedding I will be going to since my status has changed from married to separated and soon to be divorced.
I wonder how my heart will take it.
I will be there alone without a man on my side, without a diamond on my finger, with only unkept promises of faithfulness and love sitting close by.
I am sure I will cry.
I ALWAYS cry at weddings.
These tears will be new though. They will be tears that originate much deeper than my eyes. They are tears that come from a place of hope and trust in my God.
They are tears for K. & N. that come out in a deep longing and desire for you both to:
-Never ever lose your love for the Lord 
-Love each other more each day
-Be each others best friend
-Have FUN together
-Have accountability in your marriage
-Set goals, dream really big and get the Lord’s vision for you future
-Never use the ‘D’ word
-Don’t go to bed angry
-K.-don’t ever let yourself “go”. Be beautiful for your N. Do not speak ill of him. Respect his authority. Pray for him everyday. Seek the Lord and follow where he leads.
-N.-be better every day. Never become complacent. YOU are the man. Seek the Lord and be the head of your home as you are called to by God.
-Be on the same team. Don’t fight against each other but rather For your union. 

Enjoy your last week before marriage. It will surely fly by. I am honored to be able to share this day with you both. K. thank you for letting me be apart of your life and your story. Don’t forget that little scenario I set up for you about K. in the bathroom smelling her pits. Love.


Tyler Durden

I am so mad.
USA lost today and work was slightly and by slightly I mean really annoying. 
I want to fight someone.
Fight Club style.
I would win. 

Coffee talk

I love Friday.
I get to enter into a city that I love to see new people that I know nothing about. Here I can be whoever I want to be.
Today, I had to go into Georgetown to say hi the the best hairstylist I know and do some business. I love Georgetown. I love the tourists. I really love how you can spot a tourist from a mile away. They can be seen wearing their oversized shirt with there state plastered boldly on the front or, if they are in a place like G-town or Tysons, they will be so underdressed that it almost makes you uncomfortable and embarrassed.  Also, this place of Nova/DC is overall in pretty good shape I would say. I know that Kansas City, where I was born and raised, is ranked #2 among the fattest cities. You can definitely see a difference. I am not saying all people out here are thin but overall, it is a pretty lean place.
I listened to my all time favorite sermon today in the car. It was the first time I went to my church, Grace Cov., which was New Years. The sermon is titled,’The God of Hope’. I weep every time I heard it. I am pretty sure you can go to and listen to it (it is the one that is on the first Sunday after the  New Year). It is a powerful sermon.
I feel the Lord doing a new work in my heart. I feel like things/dreams/desires are being awakened in my heart.
It feel good.
I feel creative and alive and free and so full of joy.
My heart is glad and my soul is thriving.
I have hope in the promises of God.
I am standing on a rock that is not moving.
I have JOY that is unalterable.
I am walking out, daily, a story which is fully mine. A story that I have sowed into for many years tears of sorrow and doubt and fear and hope and faith and am slowly beginning to reap the harvest that my soul has waited and watched grow.

ps. I just saw a guy that was wearing khaki’s that were a bit short and some loafers without socks at my coffee shop!!! YES!! Such a great look.

I have a confident hope in the promises that the Lord has given to me. My soul is growing up. My palate is being refined. I love this life.

Random ponderings #2.

Oh sleep. I just can’t seem to do you right now. The ol’ noggin is too full of dreams to take part in you.  I wish I could. I tried for an hour. You were so tempting too with your awesome duvet, down comforter, down pillows, king size/cherry wood/sleigh bed. I really do love you. What makes it even better is that there is a cute little baby somewhere underneath all of those covers keeping my spot warm while I blog and as soon as I am ready for you, I will move her aside and gently take the warm spot without her even knowing. Is that wrong. I think not. Maybe it is but I will do it anyways.  
I have been sick with a cold this week which has be NO fun. Bailey has done a great job of taking care of me though. The place is a wreck but who cares. She took care of her momma. I love her. I have one more busy weekend of work and then it is off to Kansas City MISSOURI for all you goof balls who don’t know. Now you KNOW! I am really pumped about that trip. I am taking a road trip to STL with my bro’s, going to a wedding, have 2 photoshoots and lots of folks to see in just one week. I am glad this trip is going to be a busy one. I feel like most of the time I am there I gain 5lbs and watch a lot of tv. This trip will be different. 
I am feeling like this is going to be another Random blog. It is.
I have been watching the futbol matches like they are going out of style. I have a HUGE respect for the game and just love how the world can come together for a few weeks. I love that I can go up to any decent male and ask if they watched the game and they say yes. And I actually know what they are talking about because I too watched the game. And yes, I did say decent male. It is great for my job and it feels good to be a bit knowledgeableI have never typed the word knowledgeable but it looks different than what i pictured and there are much more letter than i expected about the most popular sport in the world. Its about time bre. It is just because being a Thomas you kinda do wrestling, football, track or baseball or all the above. I didn’t really know soccer was a sport. I like to call it futbol. I sound more cultured that way and then I always get the respond, “where are you from”  and then I get to reply with “Missouri” and then I get that confused look. It is SO worth that look. Then I get, “No. what nationality are you”. Then I reply with, “my dad is black and my mother is white”. Then i get that look again. Then I smile, knowing that those exact things were going to happen. 
I have a really sweet friend G. who brought me food today. And it was good food. Thank you G. Thanks for hanging out a bit. 
A guy told me tonite that he doesn’t like girls who have short hair. You know what…….dude….I have been trying to think of a come back that wasn’t TOO rude but just mean enough to get you…so, I am still thinkin. Wait…Not a fan of dudes with bum socks. There. I hope I got you.
I really don’t know how women can go around with chipped fingernails and toes. I just really don’t get it. It looks so bad and only takes minutes to correct and not a lot of money. I want to walk around DC one day with a bucket of cotton balls and a Camelbak of polish remover and do some healing. 

Yes ladies, if you put polish on your nails and you have a job or do anything, you will probably have to touch up your nails on a weekly basis. Maybe even a few times a week. But…it is so worth it. Its like this…if you can’t tip, don’t go out to eat. If you can’t keep your nail polish on, then don’t put it on. Was that harsh? Did i get my point across?

I want some Gates BBQ. Beef on bun. And some Jackstacks. I love how people out here on the east coast talk about BBQ, like they know. And they will argue that Carolina has the best and Memphis. blah blah. KC. All day. 
I am thinking a lot about Norge. I will go to that country one day. Maybe next year? As a gift to myself after I am officially single again. Yeah. Sounds like a great idea to me. Oh, Norge is Norway. The Kingdom of Norway. It just sounds cool. Where do you live? the US. Where do you live? The Kingdom of Norway. Okay. Much cooler. ps. the shot below is Norge. 

I am really trying to embrace summer. It isn’t AS terrible as I predicted. I have embraced the shorts and swimming suit. Still would rather wear clothes but I am dealing with it. I still hate that hot feeling but it is fun to take Bailey to the pool and drink a really cold drink and eat more ice cream and crank some Dave in the car. 
Who has actually made it this far in the late nite ponderings of me? I wonder about who reads this blog. It always makes me laugh and/or smile when I find out someone really does read it. I really don’t know if you read this unless you clicked on the FOLLOW button and even then I am not sure. So click the FOLLOW button if you haven’t so I know who knows all these random details of my life. 
I really hate when people curse all the time. Like that guy who drops the F bomb after every other word. He could get to the point much faster if he left those out. It just sounds stupid after a while. Like he is stuttering. There are only 2 F bombs that I agree with in song. #1 is by far Damien Rice in the song “Rootless Tree”. I have never heard that word sound so beautiful. And #2 is Lil Wayne in his lovely yet direct song titled, “F today”. That song came in handy a few times this year. Just so honest. So pure. 
I think that is all I have for tonite. I am still not sleepy, I still feel sick and my eyes are still itchy and burning. I might go eat some sort of carb and have some water. Goodnite. I hope you are well. 

I apologize

I want to first apologize for my years of ignorance when it came to high heels. I have always liked them on others but never really wanted to embrace them for myself. I recently made myself wear heels for 2 weeks straight to see if my mind could possibly be changed….and…it has been. I think a monster has now been made out of me. I. want.heels. 
So maybe that was a bit dramatic but mostly true. 
What if we took everything we thought we “couldn’t do” or “didn’t like” and tried it for 2 weeks? 
(I will NOT do this with olives or diet beverages or cargo pants or kites though…I really hate these things)
Next on the list:

Vodka Tonic

What a gross drink. 


Life is EXTREMELY slightly different this year than a year ago.
It is unbelievable how much life can change in just one year. In just one semester, in just one day.
I feel more secure in knowing that I am exactly where I am suppose to be and this point in my life than ever before. Things are just as they should be for my story although they may not seem it. I mean, 27yr old with a 2 1/2 year old girl, getting divorced, failed out of school, bartending/cocktailing in Arlington and needing a roommate or a place to live soon doesn’t exactly sound like a great plan for success. And while I am on that, I just wanted to say that I am really sick of hearing the word SUCCESS. I think it may be the word that sums up the Northern Virginia/DC area in which I live. I heard that word from four 5 different people today alone. Makes me want pinch something really hard.

If you have talked to me at all you should know that (thanks to L. and an amazing book called A Million Miles and a Thousand Years by Donald Miller) I see my life as a story.  I have given the LORD the pen or keyboard, I mean…it is 2010 and I am pretty sure GOD has a sweet mac to write a bigger and better story than the one that I was living….and….GOD is so faithful.
Life as never felt more full and alive and right smack dab where I am suppose to be.
This page that was today was a good page.
Something new came from it.
I pressed into the LORD a bit more, wanting to not miss a thing that HE has for me.
I made dinner that was delicious and even better than the first time I made that pot pie.
I loved on Bailey harder and remembered to tell her, when she spilled her popsicle ALL over the floor,-“No Big Deal!”
I learned more about futbol and may be rooting for Uruguay.
An opportunity also came up for some overseas travel in the fall. I have been asked to go many years previously but it only feels right as of now. Please pray that the will of the Lord would be done and I would chose the path that I feel HIM leading.
Thanks for reading.
 I hope the Celtics win.

It Really makes me Happy when…..

I use the last of something
After I pay my toll and have that open space before the lanes start…I smile every time
I re-arrange a room in my home
I sprinkle sea salt on my food
I get home from a long day of shopping and forgot what I bought
I fill up a journal
The dishwasher and washer are going at the same time
I get a hand written letter in the mail
I find a treasure at a thrift store
I have a bangin hair day
The thing I go to the store to get is on sale
I eat ice cream
I cook for someone else
Bailey touches my face and says she she loves me
I come home on 50 and all the lights are green (this only happens after midnight)
I get really hot fries at McDonalds
People say, “Has anyone ever told you that you look like…” (Yes, I have gotten Whitney Houston, Rihanna, Prince and some famous boy but I don’t remember his name)
I use change
It is 62 degrees

Coffee shop

I love my coffee shop in Arlington. 

I love it. 
I get an amazing cup of Joe and so much great people watching. I love this crowd. 
I love that everyone has a story.
I would love to know some of the stories that are in here. 
I love the “artist looking” guy in the corner with his macbook pro and frizzy hair and mustache and whole foods bag. 
I love the girl at the bar with her ipod and white heels and bad highlights and designer bag. 
I love the asian lady in to the left sipping her no fat latte in a mug and bright pink skirt and bangs.
I love the black girl in the corner with her hp getting work done.
I love people. 
I love the 2 couples.
Are they dating? Co-workers? Friends?
I love that every time I come here there are new people. I do see some of the same people like that exotic looking woman who wears all black and has questionably big lips. 
And the guy who is definitely in the art world somehow who has his mac and crazy grey hair and little cute blue glasses.
These people make my day. They don’t know it. 
They don’t know that I am sitting here checking them out, writing about them. 
Oh, I forgot about the guy at the bar in the flip flops and fitted jeans and blue t-shirt working so diligently on his mac. 
I can’t see his face and it makes me really want to get up…..wait…he just looked back here 🙂 He is definitely from some place like Greece or Lebanon. 
Someplace cool like that. He is checking his Gmail. Has WAY to much in his inbox.
Thank you NorthSide Social for spending an hour with me before work. 


I really like this sink.