letters for algernon

who doesn’t want a handwritten letter in the mail? I remember in 5th grade at Robinson Elementary that I had a penpal. I loved it. I have a penpal now. We ask questions and say some randomnesses about ourself and our day. It is the best 44 cents ever spent. Let us support the US mail (which might have to shut down here in a few years thanks to technology and the fact that people don’t know how to write…only texting now) and buy a stamp. email me your address: breduis@gmail.com
don’t email me your email address. your HOME address. I know…we don’t use it much anymore. ask the mailman if you aren’t sure.
algernon should get letters. not flowers.


2 thoughts on “letters for algernon

  1. Priscilla says:

    I've been compiling a list of my favorite things, and getting a hand written letter in the mail is one of the top things on it! ;)I wish it wasn't so easy to just Facebook my friends, in some ways. Soon, when I have more time, (in like 5 years when all the kids are in school)I'm going to start WRITING my friends again! Big long 5 page letters like we used to!=D Now where is a pen…?

  2. Lincoln says:

    Amen to that and well said. Letters are a dying art, a pending extinction that I sadly contribute to with my tech-savvy but impersonal habits of correspondence.

    Just emailed you my address. Hope you use it.

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