coffee talk

Okay. So have I mentioned how much I love this coffee shop? Last time I was here okay, not the last time. the last time i learned from L. that just because you speak Swedish, it doesn’t mean you are from Sweden 🙂 I got lemonade from Jose’. This time……Rob, the pastry chef here at Northside, whom I see but have never met, until today, brings me a piece of chocolate that he made…..ummmm. What kind of chocolate is it you might be asking? CARDAMOM!!!!! I asked him how he knew that I am obsessed with Cardamom. He didn’t know. That just made my day. I am eating Cardamom chocolate right now while sipping my iced coffee. wow. Life be good.

I also just saw lightning hit some light pole across the street and catch it on fire. Pretty cool. and scary.

This week went well. I put some effort in my business, hung out with some new characters, spoke with a British accent for 2 days, received 2 letters from penpals, ate the best cheeseburger ever, made some delicious food, cut Bailey’s hair, paid bills, and told the Dean of Dental Hygiene that I would not be back in the fall. So..pretty eventful.

My heart, as of this week, is at a place that it has never been before. I feel so content. It doesn’t feel like a sitting in a hammock on the beach sort of contentment but rather a carving powder on a snowboard down a black diamond sort of contentment.  All is right and everything is happening according to the Author. I feel so aware of the scenes around me. It’s the difference between drinking wine and going to a wine tasting. With tasting, you pick out notes, flavors, hints of berry and spice. There is a song that I have been listening to from a cd mix that my dear friend G. made for me. One of the lines goes,
“We have tasted life, we have taken on, with a big breath out and a big breath in. We say LA LA LA LA LA LA LA”.

I just love that. I am tasting life. Enjoying every bit of it. It is full bodied and complex with hints of cardamom.


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