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While at home today, I had the greatest idea ever for a job. So here is what I am going to do. I am going to go to culinary school and someone will pay for it and pay me and I will blog about my time there. Sound great? I mean, if there are people out there who get paid to stay in luxurious hotels in the most beautiful places in the world and if there are people who get paid to eat food and if there are people out there who get paid to travel, then why can’t I get paid to go to school and write about it.
I thought it sounded like a great idea.

This past week (well, sunday-wed), I took a vacation. Let me tell you. It was fabulous. I was quiet. I ate a lot. I went to the movies by myself (I saw Eat, Pray and Love). I made some beautiful things. I wrote a LOT. I read 2 books. It was quite refreshing to say the least.  Although I was not able to come up with a solution to all of the worlds problems, I was able to figure a few things out. Well, maybe not even figure a few things out. What I was able to do was to narrow my “goals” down to a mere 5 areas. Five things that I know my future will consist of. Five things I am passionate about. Five things that get me pumped and five things that set my goals and drive apart from everyone else.   It is easy for myself to like way to many things. Sure I want to sew and paint and learn about photography and bikes and interior design and languages and music and sports and ya see where I get myself in trouble? I just enjoy too much. I would much rather master a few things. So, now I have that list.  I feel more focused. I am more focused.     I really don’t know exactly what I am going to be doing for my “future” but I know it will consist of those five things.  And before you think I am getting off course with going to culinary school and blogging about it, know that food and writing are on the list of five.

Well, I have to go to work now. I am bummed because I would much rather sit here and write and learn. I hope you had a lovely day. I hope you learned something new and ate something delicious

P.S. I made oatmeal cookies today with craisians and cardamom. YUM!


4 thoughts on “Top 5

  1. Rob says:

    And they were delicious!

    But Don't go to Culinary School. Its quite boring

  2. Javagirl says:

    HEE HEE! I love reading about how you are really enjoying the sweet little things in life! It took me years (and I mean until I was about 38!) to realize that reading a book and letting the dishes set a little longer would not cause the world to go into cataclysmic shock!
    I was thinking the other day while sitting with my dog outside, how nice it was to listen to the sounds of summer. I love how unseasonable cool it has been! I also like your crossfit training idea! Take care of your body because at 40 you WILL have the body you DESERVE! if you treat it good, you'll feel good! If you treat it badly, you deserve what you get…
    I love the culinary school, but Bre, why not do something even more exciting!?!? While you are young and unattached GO TO ITALY and learn to cook. Work with an organization like WWOOF (willing workers on Organic Farms) or work at vineyard. (This has been my plan for over 15 yrs…and I like this idea! Not only do you get to cook, eat and exercise but you will also learn a language! I just have to get rid of my house first! But then I am GONE!) Learn about photography, paint and study a foreign language (meetup groups everywhere have language immersion meetings at coffee shops etc.) Sew something! (I knit Christmas gifts and collect gorgeous yarns from all over the world!) I love your ideas and you remind me that my dreams are not so far fetched. This is a new era…You can dream big and do it! nothing is stopping you! Create your happiness& direct your future! My favorite quote is by Henry David Thoreau

  3. Rob says:

    Or Come Bake Bread in My Kitchen in the Mornings! You can learn all about sourdough and in exchange you can teach me about cross fit training!

  4. Javagirl says:

    HEY Can I come? I love baking bread. I use to make it fresh with my Zojirushi but I need to “oil a squeek” and I don't know how! My video of the manual is on VHS! I need to bring it to your house! Hint hint…missy

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