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Smokers smell

Another month nearly gone. Time is flying. This year is nearly over. This year. This hardest year of my life. For that I am thankful. I am reflecting on where I am now and where I hope to go. I am not just thinking about the destination but the journey that is ahead. It is not an easy road. I am going to need help. I am going to need faith. I need to get ready. Get my heart ready. I gotta make the necessary steps now to ensure that I get where I want to go. It seems daunting when I think about all that I must do in order to get to the place where I feel that I am suppose to be. Seems overwhelming and unrealistic. God has to do it through me. I know I can’t do it on my own.Sidenote. It is Halloween. I am at the mall. I wonder what foreigners are thinking as grown women are walking around in pirate costumes and kids are dressed like pumpkins and little butterflies. We are a weird country. I am disturbed because I can’ tell if some of the people are in costume or not. I hope the little dresses are just prostitute costumes and that people really don’t dress like that. I have a strange feeling, however, that they wear those dresses on days   other than October 31st. 

Random ponderings #4

Just dreaming of life.

Walking out this day. Thinking of tomorrow. Doing the hard work now. Building my future one little brick at a time. The payoff will be great but it will not be now.

I am going to Kansas City for Thanksgiving!!!!!! I am beyond excited for this trip. My last trip home was the best ever and I expect even greater things this trip. I will get to see my friend L’s new baby, hang with newly acquired friends from my last trip and hang with my dear friend A who is also going to be there for the holiday!!! (umm. so pumped about that A. Once again you made my day) I just love that city. I love the people and the simplicity of life there. It is refreshing.

You know what has been really grinding my gears lately? Uggs and bootie shorts paired together. I hate both of them for obvious reasons but when they come together I physically get sick. A bit of vomit comes up and I have to quickly swallow to get it back down. I am also seeing way to many puffy vests. I don’t mind a thin puffy vest but the ones that stick out a good 6 inches in the front and back are just silly. Don’t do it. I will write about you. I am also not enjoying the flip flops that are still lingering. I wasn’t supportive in the summer and I will not be supportive in October. I also can’t believe that grown women are wearing the sweat suits still. Even worse, here at Tyson’s corner mall, they have the words tattooed and bedazzled on the ass of the sweat pant. Again, vomit comes up.

That was so negative. My eyes have been pleased with all the tights and skirts that are being worn. The Hugo Boss slim fit suits are so hot. I think every thin man should own one or two. I am loving the loafers without sock look and the short hem on the skinny trouser. There are lots of great looks going on this fall. Camel is a huge color for fall and I just love love love it. I know that feathers and animal print is big but I chose to stay away from it. I am diving into vintage pieces and can’t wait for my Kansas City trip to find some treasures. The vintage shopping in KC is the BEST!!!!

Back to work. I am so excited to get off tonite, watch some Modern Family, eat ice cream and take up the entire bed

The Soul Train

It is quite an amazing experience to actually walk through either a painful or emotional process. I have blogged on this before I believe. About the difference in walking through and experiencing the emotion rather than just trying to get over it or suppress it. Something so significant happens in the soul. The soul is allowed to grow up and get a bit more stable and understand life in a richer way. I hope that I never want the process of life to rush by. I hope to glean all I can from the moments that happen. I hope to take mental pictures so that might remember who I was with and what I was about at the time it happened. As I sit on my bed right now- typing, listening to Carla Bruni, windows open, rain pouring and wind blowing, I thank my God for this nite. This emotional nite in which my soul was able to grow up a bit more. A nite where my Lord met me in my fear and questions. A nite where I was able to feel the weight of it all and then able to feel the relief of it all as my Jesus lifted the burden and simply loved on me.

“Above all else, guard your heart for it is the wellspring of life”
Proverbs 4:23


I stole this shot from the Sartorialist blog. Working in the men’s department has me so inspired right now. I love the language that is spoken when menswear is translated onto the female frame. Sophisticated yet a bit tough with a soft edge. 

To heel or not to heel. That is the question.

So last nite I watched “The Devil Wears Prada” for like the hundredth time. Each time I watch that movie I am awakened to new discoveries in my heart. Last nite it was all about heels.  Working at my new job I am surrounded by “clackers” (as the movie calls them). Most of the women that I work with rock the heels…well, at least for half of their shift then they change into flats because their feet hurt. And not just any flats, of course they are Gucci or Hermes or Louboutins but that is another blog post. So..What is the point? I feel like I should be wearing heels or “big girl shoes” to work because that is what you do at Tyson’s Corner. So what did I pair with my BCBG skirt, Morrow jacket and Betsy Johnson tights today? My flat boots. I am wearing flats to work. I love heels. They are sexy and sophisticated and make me 5’7 but I work on my feet for 8 hours a day and I am not crazy. I don’t get the point of wearing heels for 3 hours and to kill myself. A heel does change a woman. There is something about it. I love that this is my struggle right now. To heel or not to heel. There are other pressing issues in life like: finding a place to live by the end of the year, paying rent, getting a lawyer, building my business but whether or not to wear heels was the issue of the nite. Im glad I got that out. Let me know what you think about heels….

Square dress

My soul waits. 


There is a freedom that lies in the confident soul of the one who daily trusts in the Lord for His timing and provision. 

coffee talk

I am wearing a shirt fyi.

Its an all new coffee talk. I am not drinking coffee now and really feel like I should get one just so that I can properly call this coffee talk. I hate to say it but I am not sitting at my usual Northside Social in Arlington. I am sitting at Panera in Tyson’s corner mall. I already miss the coffee shop and the people. I miss all the employee’s and all my little quirky people that I got to write about. I start today at my new job which is Nordstrom. I am really pumped about it. I do, however, need a new wardrobe for the job so feel free to mail in donations for that. The lighting in here is a bit terrible. I just ate a chocolate covered biscuit. Y.U.M.

There are way too many people in here to blog about. I think I might just pick out a few that stand out and let that be the coffee talk. Already, I am bored of the khaki pant and blue button down with the sad, blue tie, brown shoe, brown belt. I am wondering if it is actually a uniform for the government worker. If it is, then I really need to speak to someone higher up.

There is one lady that stood out to me. She sat at one of the 4 tops for those of you that have never worked in the restaurant industry, a top is in reference to how many seats. So if you have an 8 top, that means you have 8 people seated. You could sit a party of 6 at an 8 top. Or you could sit a party of 2 at an 8 top but you wouldn’t want to do that. You would just sit them at a 2 top. And I digress  with her son who looked about 4 years old. She was wearing a large salmon colored long sleeve shirt and it sadly swallowed her extra small frame. Her son, sipping his organic chocolate milk and dipping those processed chicken nuggets in a little pool of ketchup, kept looking up at her, pleased with the way he was dipping. The woman, however, was preoccupied with her nine dollar tub of greenery to even notice his excitement. She stabbed some greens, looked blankly at the kill, and shoveled it in the opening of her boney face. This process continued.

We are in a war between dullness and astonishment.”-Dangerous Wonder

The battle is the Lord’s

We are at war. A constant battle where the goal of the enemy is to capture our soul. He wants to hold our dreams and futures captive. He is out to destroy us. To trick us into thinking we don’t matter. That our lives don’t matter. That we are worthless. Don’t be confused. Don’t you dare put down your shield. Rise up dear friend. Let us go into battle together. I love Exodus 14. It is so rich. Moses replies to the Israelites, who were wanting to go back into captivity, oh how quickly we forget the promises of the Lord, by saying this,  
vs 13: 
Don’t be afraid! Stand still and you will see the LORD save you today. vs14You will never see these Egyptians again after today. You only need to remain calm; the LORD will fight for you.”

Standing still is in reference to being restless and worrying. Every time that I have read this verse, I stop with that lovely verse 14. Today, for the first time, I kept reading. The next verses blew me away. The LORD responds to Moses, “Why are you crying out to me? Command the Israelites to start MOVING.
Having the Lord fight for us does not look like us sitting back sipping a latte while He does what He does.  We MOVE.  It is in this movement where HIS power is manifested. We are at war. There is no time to be complacent. Have your sword ready. MOVE!

Get in where you fit in.

Have you ever put on a pair of heels that felt like little angels holding your feet in a cloud pillow? This weekend I was fortunate enough to wear 2 pairs of Stuart Weitzman’s in a fashion show. They did not feel like little cloud pillows. They felt like pliers clamping down, ready to extract a decayed molar. I wanted an epidural. They were terrible. Luckily, I got paid a lot of money to wear them and the torture only lasted a few minutes. Here is my advice to you: “If the shoe doesn’t fit, but you are getting paid, then wear it.”-bre