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Small girl and white dwarf

Once upon a time, there was a small girl. This girl lived in a small village between the tallest mountain and the deepest ocean. She lived in a quiet home with a tiny white dwarf. One day, the gatekeeper told the small girl that she had thirty-four days to get out of her peaceful home or else they were going to kick her out on the dirty streets with all of her stuff and the white dwarf. The townspeople were in shock by this and kept asking the small girl where she was going to live. But the small girl had no clue.  With no place to go and no clue what the next chapter had in store for her or the white dwarf, the small girl did only what she knew. She worshiped her GOD, sought HIS face and trusted that HE would once again come through for her, as HE has done time and time again. She knew that her GOD would somehow make a way when there seemed to be no way.  That although she could not yet see over this mountain, she must keep walking and that soon, and very soon, she would see over the mountain and then, and only then, will she and the white dwarf be ready for their next adventure.


Coffee talk

How long has it been since a coffee talk?! I am at Broadway Cafe in Kansas City right now. Such a lovely place. There are about 12 people here not including myself. Only one person has a computer open. Everyone else is reading or drawing cartoons. No cell phones are out. I see no designer labels. No glasses of wine. Americano’s, bike helmets and awesome leather satchels are around me. Billy Holiday is the music choice right now in this place. I am obviously in a foreign place. I love this place. This culture. It is such a different culture. I love the simplicity of life here. I love that the local coffee shops out number the Starbucks. I love the lack of traffic and that I always find the coolest vintage dresses here. I love my family and my friends here. I love that on my way here, I saw a man with a sign that said: “JOKES 25cents”. I love that, while on the Plaza today, a man came up to my friend S. and I and starting rapping to us. He was the most terrible of rappers and I think he should look into another profession. I love all the food that I have stuffed into my mouth. I love that I could buy a coffee mug with change. Yes, It was 35 cents. I love that you can buy things with just cents. It’s like I went through some time travel machine. I love that you can listen to other peoples conversation and it will almost always be in English. I love that there are BBQ joints within a 5 mile radius. I love that it takes 15 minutes to get anywhere. I love this place. This culture. This people.

One day

That dress!

Don’t mess with Missouri

They say things are bigger in Texas. Well Texas, I think you have some competition in Missouri. 


Dude: “Ey. I waz jus admirin yo beauty and wanted to know may I take you out to dinner sometime.”

Me: “No you may not.”

Shameless plug.

You know you are busy when you haven’t been able to read any of your new magazines. Here is my new fashion blog:

Missouri loves company

Someone stayed up way too late getting blog ideas and business ideas. I feel like death right now but got really inspired and overwhelmed and encouraged and tired. I want to get away. Oh lucky me! I get to go on “vacation” in two days!! I can’t wait 🙂 I put it in quotes because is going to see your family in Missouri ever classified as a vacation? Hawaii- vacation. Norway with lover, vacation. Spain with girlfriends, vacation. Missouri to visit family,…

Zoe in Valentino

What does it take to get to where you want to be? Why is it that some people make it and some don’t? What is the deciding factor? It is not enough just to have an idea or just to work hard or just to know the right people. Why is it that most people that I have talked to are not doing what they so desire to do in life? The picture of what I want my life to look like is drastically different from my reality. Am I really ready to walk the path that leads to my dream? It seems like such a long and difficult road. To the few who follow – Do you feel the same? Does your reality match up with your dream?

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Margarito on the rocks. No salt.

The victory is coming but I must continue to fight for it. Thank you for the reminder. So glad to have you in my corner. 

i love koreans. i might work at the cleaners.

Winter is coming. Autumn once again flew by quickly and I am reminded of last winter. I used to enjoy the winter but now I think, more than ever, that I am ready for the spring and all that means for my story. I am ready for new life and new people and new places and new adventures. I am ready to be outside taking in the fresh air that is surrounding me. I am ready for flowers and smoothies and driving with the windows down. It is so unlike me to want to rush this time of the year, as it has been my favorite, but with all that is going on I am ready for it to be over before it has begun. But I am reminded that I must go through the winter to get to the spring. Spring can’t come without the winter. The sweet isn’t as sweet without the bitter. And with that, I walk out another page.