Coffee Talk

The first snow of the season is happening right now. My friend A. who lives in the great Jackson TN, made me take this mug when we went to brunch together in Kansas City. It is from a great place called First Watch. I have every intention on returning it lying. The mug is heavy and little and I love it.  I have been sick for a few days and haven’t gone to work and I feel the same crappiness today. I threw away a bunch of things yesterday. I love getting rid of stuff. I like to blame my dad who keeps every newspaper article with anything related to sports and to my mom who still has my Halloween costume from when I was 3. (Now…it did come in handy and Bailey wore it 2 years ago but that is besides the point). I am afraid my children will have no memories unless they are uploaded to a hard drive somewhere. I have taken in more sodium these days of being sick, thanks to the gallons of chicken broth that have been slurped, than I have had all year. I feel like I can now float in water. Time for a few fun facts before I get ready for work…as if you cared…

*I think swedish fish are disgusting!
*We are doing a felt Christmas tree this year
*I have received one Christmas card so far. There was no money, no picture, no Christmas letter. I don’t understand.
*I love old pieces of luggage
*I am planning a little get-a-way for when I am official single 🙂 I am thinking about the Northwest US.
*I own 3 pairs of black shoes. I do not own a pair of black pants.
*I notice a woman’s teeth, eyebrows and nails. I notice a man’s teeth, hem of their pants and socks.
*I ate a half dozen oatmeal cookies yesterday. Random things I added to them were: pomegranate infused craisens, cardamom and orange extract
*I hate horseradish

Happy 9 days till Christmas!!


2 thoughts on “Coffee Talk

  1. you are invited to follow my blog

  2. alicemusic says:

    A. did NOT make you steal that mug, you little instigator!
    She simply noted that you collect mugs and that the one at FW was a nice mug. :p

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