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Get behind me!

I just have to do it. I just have to go. To follow my heart and my dreams and that which I am called to. Why is it so hard? I was reading in Exodus today about Moses. God told him specifically what to do. God told him what to say and what would happen when he said it. God was specific. Moses kept telling God that he couldn’t, that he wasn’t good enough, eloquent enough, etc. It is so easy to look at Moses and call him a goof ball in the beginning of chapter 4. We just want to tell Moses to go because we can see what happened because of his obedience.

But what about when we don’t know the outcome. Or what about when God promises us that great things are going to happen. Why are we still scared. Why can’t we just GO and TRUST! I have a feeling that I am not the only one in this situation. That you, or someone you know is scared to do what the Lord has called them to do for whatever reason.

I am realizing that saying NO to the enemy of our souls is a daily thing. It is a battle didn’t I blog that a while ago? time to start following my own blog. Not a one time thing. I am fighting today. Fighting my flesh and my circumstances. Fighting my reality with what the Lord has called me to.  May the Lord prevail.

Let us turn our back to the lies of the enemy. Turn and run to the Lord. Run to His arms.

(sidenote-why do people sag their pants? It just looks silly. They should just make thigh highs out of denim. silly silly people)

Next please..

I will gladly and confidently close this chapter of my story. 

Random Ponderings #5

1. I love the Olson twins. I saw them on Oprah a few years back and got really inspired. I was not a fan of theirs before that episode. But now….a fan.
2. I drink about 4 shots of espresso a day. Don’t judge me. 
3. I cut my hair about once a week. 
4. I don’t like super soft toilet paper.
5. I rarely wash my jeans.
6. I hate wearing shorts.
7. I get the majority of my daily fat intake from half & half.
8. I hate red delicious apples.
9. I do not use a microwave.
10. I sometimes use EVOO as lotion. 

2 things.

I was made for short hair and the camera. 

Alvin Ailey

The Alvin Ailey Dance Company is coming to DC the first week of February. I will be there. Cannot. Wait!!!

Jesus & Johnny Depp

I am nearly single. This makes me really happy. I get a new start. I get to make some new choices. I am excited. My eyes are on the Lord and this picture of Johnny Depp. 


“HE gives strength to those who are tired and more power to those who are weak”
-Isaiah 40:29
I love that spring is right around the corner. Promises of newness await. I am loving my hour commute to work. That time of solitude with my God and with some great music. As I was driving today, I couldn’t help but be thankful for all the Lord has allowed in my life. I am loving how the ‘testing of our faith develops perseverance’ (James 1:3). I feel so much stronger this year. I have more faith and trust in my God than I ever have. I am so thankful for the crazy prayer of, “Lord, do what it takes in my life to get me where you want me”. I remember praying that a few years ago. I prayed it again today, remembering the wrecking ball that demolished my life the last time I prayed it. But this time, I didn’t pray it in a hesitant manner. I know that the Lord is faithful to do what HE says. I know the Lord is about bringing us into HIM. I know the Lord is good and gracious and loves us with an ardent love. He is jealous and a warrior and kind. He knows all and can see what I can’t. So, I pray it with a trust in my soul that I didn’t have last time. With a knowing that things are not going to go the way I imagine. 
I am running hard after the Lord. I am seeking first His kingdom. Let’s see where that takes me….

Crossin off the list

I told you guys that I was gonna knock out that list of things I wanted to do this year..well,

#8 Bikram Yoga watch the video above. This was the actual place that I went. I talked to the owner. He is the nicest man you will meet…and the most flexible.
#9 Fancy Phone

I am taking this year seriously. I mean business folks. 🙂

This is the year

I am going after my dream. 
I am the only one to blame if I don’t. 
I will not be afraid. 
I will work hard. 
It will take time and not happen overnight. 
I will work very hard.
A year will go by regardless.
This will be the year. 

I feel like I can make it

Because of HIS grace, I have been able to walk through this storm. And ya know what…