Monthly Archives: February 2011

Oh sweet spring!

The sun is shining bright. 
I have a basket full of gerber daisies. 
Spring is in the air. 
The grass is looking greener. 
My soul is rejoicing. 
Time to get a dress. 

Old posts

Things are changing. I will give updates soon. The reason I haven’t been blogging is that I am getting new internet service and for some reason it takes weeks and weeks to get it installed so annoyed. But anywho. I am at the bookstore now so I decided to post. I want this one to be sort of a walk in the past. I have gone back and re-read some of my old posts and compiled some of my favorites. Please only pick the one that you are in the mood for. Thanks.

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That is all folks.


This picture does something to my spirit. This week has been..I can’t think of a word to describe it. Life…oh sweet painfully beautiful life.
 I am so thankful to be spending another month in my apartment. I don’t know what March will hold nor shall I fret about it. I feel like I am in a catapult and I am being pulled back a little bit further only to get released.
 I thought that I had reached the max on how far the Lord could stretch my soul but come to find out, we can handle a little bit more that what we think. 
It is amazing to look at where I was a year ago today and see all the Lord took me through and how I never thought I would make it out of that season. 
The sweetest thing in it all is that it is just a season. Our job is to trust and rest in the truth of our God. 
The seasons of my life are changing. 
As I watch the snow melt and feel the warmth of the sun heat my face, I can’t help but be peace. I know big changes are ahead. I have no clue what they are 
I know that whatever these months hold, they are necessary for my story. I am committed to the story. As difficult or as sweet as it maybe, the pages must be written.
With that said, I feel a trip to TN here in my very near future. Maybe a stop in Charlottesville on the way. 
Thank you for reading my story.

What if you viewed your life as a story to be written and read later on in life..would you live it differently?