Till a good lawyer do us part…

I have had this picture for some time now. I guess I have been waiting for the appropriate time to share it. Today would be that day. Five years ago today, I was getting ready for the wedding that I dreamt about my entire life. 
The fairy-tale: the handsome prince on his white horse whisking away his beautiful princess into a magical world (why do the Disney movies stop at the wedding? What happens after the i do’s..guess they would lose a ton of money if they made a movie based on Ariel as a single mom trying to keep her and the babies afloat…or do they not make it and have to go back “under the sea”. 

If there is one thing I have learned then it is that life never ever turns out the way we plan. It is not like the childhood movies we watch.
I wouldn’t change my situation for anything. For I know that I am truly in the story that I am suppose to be in. I was made for this story and am thankful for the grace and strength the Lord has given me to walk it out.
The Lord has brought me to a place that I would have never gotten to any other way. I am thankful that I have that book that I can soon close and put on the shelf. I have learned a ton in that book and am the better for it.
There are two sides to every story and I am well aware that the other side of this story is a reader of this blog.
To you: thanks for reading the blog and I wish you the best. I hope to see you on the Grammy’s some day soon. Thank you for a beautiful daughter and for giving me such a great story.

What would you title a modern day Disney movie? 


6 thoughts on “Till a good lawyer do us part…

  1. alicemusic says:

    This. Wow. I love you Bre. So glad for this labor of love here on the internet. Thankful that I've gotten to know you so much better through this. You are a true friend and I am so privileged to know you. Baaah. I could say so much more, but I'll save it for a hand written letter ;).

  2. Lauren says:

    Well, unlike Alice, a handwritten letter wouldn't arrive for months considering I have two started on my side table by me bed from before Christmas.
    You are beautiful, Bre, and you have surrendered to the Lord in this process.
    Thank you for honoring the “reader of this blog” and the “other side of the story”, you are setting your heart free by honoring him that way.
    I love you, and it was my privilege to stand with you that day. I was behind you then and behind you now.

  3. Ann says:

    Miss Bre- you are a CLASS ACT, girl.
    Bailey is a lucky girl to grow up with you as a mama.
    I was thinking of you lots today.
    Let's please catch up soon!

  4. Well said. Way to go in honoring the reader. I have done my best to honor “the reader” of my story too. And let me say… It is a much easier road to walk. I love your heart.

  5. Bre says:

    Thank you friends!

  6. Keyser Söze says:

    Great attitude! Best of luck. I'm going through the same thing.

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