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Sweet Encouragement

But Zion said, ‘The LORD has forsaken me, 
my LORD has forgotten me.’
Can a woman forget her nursing child, 
or show no compassion for the child of her womb?
Even these may forget, 
yet I will not forget you.
See, I have inscribed you on the palms of my hands;
your walls are continually before me.
Your builders outdo your destroyers, 
and those who laid you waste go away from you.
Lift up your eyes all around and see;
they all gather, they come to you.
As I live, says the LORD, 
you shall put all of them on like an ornament,
and like a bride you shall bind them on.”
Isaiah 49:14-18

The Chipotle Incident

I want you to laugh. How can I make that happen?
I am so tempted to write a funny story about a friend or Bailey but I won’t. I am also tempted to tell you about the time my brother tricked me with the ‘apple juice’ or about the time I tricked my dad into eating a robin egg. Those times are funny and disgusting but I think there is something better. I have no idea the thoughts you currently have toward me, if any, but this story will definitely alter your current view. I think the story is better told verbally, as I get to use dramatic pauses and fun hand/leg motions, so if we are in the same room and you want to hear it then ask. I will tell it; it keeps me humble. For the readers sake, I am leaving out lots of details. Here goes:
One day, I was at a clients house cleaning out her closet. It was about lunch time when we neared the end and so we decided to go grab some lunch. Where else should you go to grab a delicious lunch with a stranger (or anyone for that matter)? Chipotle. We went, lunch was great and we headed back to her place so I could pack up my rolling racks and what not. THEN. It hit me. Like the time  in 3rd grade when I wasn’t looking and ran smack dab into the tether ball pole, so did the sour cream when it met my stomach acid. It was enabling. Some people would have just gone to the bathroom but when you are with a client and the bathroom is in the same space that you are working and WWII is happening in your guts, you tell your body that it is going to have to wait. There is no way I was going to destroy this ladies toilet. I quickly packed up my stuff and headed home.
15 minutes… I can hold it… Prayer… Come on green lights… Sweat… Shaking…
Halfway home, I started interceding on behalf of my colon and I did the whole, ‘if there is a God in heaven’ prayer. I had to go and I had to go NOW! I pulled into a McDonalds parking lot where I sat for 2 more painful minutes plotting my escape route to the bathroom. The problem was that I was clenching so tightly that to step out of the car would mean the destruction of my high end jeans. So I counted.
1.deep breath
2. shaking
The good news is that most people have had a ‘blow out’ in their day. I think most people have them as infants, but once you get crap on your knees as a 27 year old, you realize that you are not above anything.
Has this happened to you??

It’s time..

“For everything there is a season, and a time for every matter under heaven:
a time to throw away stones, and a time to gather stones together; 
a time to embrace, and a time to refrain from embracing;
a time to seek, and a time to lose;
a time to keep, and a time to throw away;” 
Ecclesiastes 3:1,5/6

I have never before read those lines. The sweet little morsels were sandwiched between the lines I have frequently heard about being born and dying; war and peace. 
Something new is happening. 
I do not know what it looks like just yet but I am committed to the story and to finding out what the next chapters holds.
I have been in a season of WAIT and my soul is feeling the pull to GO.
I know not where; I know not when, but as I read the Word of God, I see over and over again a little line that pierces my heart. 
as they went“.
The Lord shows up over and over again as people were on the journey somewhere. I don’t think these folk expected God to show up along the journey. I think they were waiting for the destination. I think we do this all to often. 
‘When I get married…”
“When I get that job…”
“When I move to……….”

It is time. 
I. am. going. 
I fully expect the Lord to show up as I go. The destination is great and I am excited for it, but the transformation that is going to happen in these next few pages is way more critical to the story than where I actually end up. 
I am not scared as I walk into the unknown.
I am frightened for what would happen if I stay put…. 

Coffee talk….

Gosh. That picture makes me look tired. How long has it been since we have had a coffee talk…like months and I apologize. My doppio espresso with steamed breve and I are here. 
I can’t believe that it is June. This month ranks #3 of my all time least favorites under July and August aka summer.
Okay. Let’s see who is in the coffee shop. 
1. A lovely older black woman with the most beautiful toes I have ever seen. I think she must have just gotten them done. They are like a perfect shade of mauve. She is sitting directly in front of me and she is on her DELL. why do I instantly feel sorry for PC users? She has sunglasses on her head, which have the Crown Royal emblem on the sides, reading glasses on her face and pretty gold hoop earrings. She is wearing a lavender tank top and long white shorts. She has gorgeous hair and the more I study her, I realize it is a weave. When she sat down, she immediately got on facebook. She is on her pink iPhone now and she has the most GORGEOUS sapphire ring on her right ring finger. A silver charm bracelet loosely drapes her left wrist. Her nails are done in french tips and she is wearing brown strappy sandals.
2&3. There is a man and a woman behind me. They are arguing about a house and money and payments and some other woman. I don’t think they are a couple but they talk like they are closely connected in some way. Their tone is not a good one. They are frustrated and angry. I have no idea what the man looks like but they are getting up now so I can see them…. They just walked out. He is wearing stupid shorts cargo khakis, a white polo and a red hat. The woman is in a red tank and some funny long black shorts. They went out to a Toyota and they are smoking. 
4. This Japanese chick just walked in and got a Venti iced beverage. She was wearing the tallest pink heels and a super cool blazer and jeans and big shades. The Japanese are so cool. She was the skinniest person I have seen all week and I think she was probably about 5ft tall, but with those heels and her confidence, she looked about 6ft. 
There are a few more people behind me that I can’t see and if I keep turning around, I think I might get kicked out for being creepy. Life is going really well. I am deeply committed to the pages of my story. I will head to California in a few weeks and I am thrilled about that. I will learn some Chinese, eat really great food and see a great city with a wonderful friend. 
Happy June.