Coffee talk….

Gosh. That picture makes me look tired. How long has it been since we have had a coffee talk…like months and I apologize. My doppio espresso with steamed breve and I are here. 
I can’t believe that it is June. This month ranks #3 of my all time least favorites under July and August aka summer.
Okay. Let’s see who is in the coffee shop. 
1. A lovely older black woman with the most beautiful toes I have ever seen. I think she must have just gotten them done. They are like a perfect shade of mauve. She is sitting directly in front of me and she is on her DELL. why do I instantly feel sorry for PC users? She has sunglasses on her head, which have the Crown Royal emblem on the sides, reading glasses on her face and pretty gold hoop earrings. She is wearing a lavender tank top and long white shorts. She has gorgeous hair and the more I study her, I realize it is a weave. When she sat down, she immediately got on facebook. She is on her pink iPhone now and she has the most GORGEOUS sapphire ring on her right ring finger. A silver charm bracelet loosely drapes her left wrist. Her nails are done in french tips and she is wearing brown strappy sandals.
2&3. There is a man and a woman behind me. They are arguing about a house and money and payments and some other woman. I don’t think they are a couple but they talk like they are closely connected in some way. Their tone is not a good one. They are frustrated and angry. I have no idea what the man looks like but they are getting up now so I can see them…. They just walked out. He is wearing stupid shorts cargo khakis, a white polo and a red hat. The woman is in a red tank and some funny long black shorts. They went out to a Toyota and they are smoking. 
4. This Japanese chick just walked in and got a Venti iced beverage. She was wearing the tallest pink heels and a super cool blazer and jeans and big shades. The Japanese are so cool. She was the skinniest person I have seen all week and I think she was probably about 5ft tall, but with those heels and her confidence, she looked about 6ft. 
There are a few more people behind me that I can’t see and if I keep turning around, I think I might get kicked out for being creepy. Life is going really well. I am deeply committed to the pages of my story. I will head to California in a few weeks and I am thrilled about that. I will learn some Chinese, eat really great food and see a great city with a wonderful friend. 
Happy June. 

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