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What loveliness

“For attractive lips, speak words of kindness.
For lovely eyes, seek out the good in people. 
For a slim figure, share your food with the hungry.
For beautiful hair, let a child run his or her fingers through it once a day.
For poise, walk with the knowledge that you never walk alone.”
~Sam Levenson in Lioness Arising by Lisa Bevere.

Chapter 29

And just like that…..
I am another year older.
Highlights of 28:
~a few Kansas City trips
~got divorced
~took a little trip to Nashville
~went to Disney World 
~signed with 2 new agencies
~started an apprenticeship
~moved 4 times
~sold/threw away over half my possessions
~went to San Francisco
~fell in love
~went with my love to NY for the weekend
~started a style blog
…just to name a few.
It has been a VERY busy year. The LORD has been doing amazing things and has proven Himself faithful over and over again. I feel like the first part of 28, the Lord was showing me that HE was faithful and gracious. As I enter into the next chapter, the Lord is in the process of showing me that HE is a Redeemer. I love what the LORD has done in this past year and I cannot wait to see what HE has in store for this next year. I am looking forward to:
~another trip to San Fran
~hanging out with Bailey
~trip with my love to Idaho
~Kansas City for Thanksgiving
~a surprise trip overseas with my love
~a few important weddings
~a big move
~lots and lots of adventures.
Special thanks to my dad for his contribution and to my mom for birthing me 🙂


I need to be more bold.
I get nervous when it comes to approaching people.
I have this little fashion blog and the idea of it is to capture the style of folks that I run into on the street. 
I don’t know why I wanted to do this. It terrifies me. 
So today, I am sitting at Starbucks. I see this old Japanese man who is just DARLING. 
i should have stolen him.
I wanted to take his picture. But instead, I just stared at him like a creeper.
No picture. No blog post.
Just scared me with my camera and mac and espresso.
What makes you nervous ?

Picture perfect
I just love this picture.
This is what I want my life to look like.
Have you thought about that? 
If you had to have just one picture of what you want your life to look like..what would it be?

What you read.

I have spent hours and hours compiling a list of the Top 5 most read blog posts. lies.
I am trying to figure out what the reader is drawn to in my blogging and I think I got it. 
So without further adieu yes, i had to spell check that.:

5. The End ~ this tells me you guys like sad wedding stuff.  

            4. To: My brother and new sister ~ this tells me you like happy wedding stuff and a possible fight. 

    3. The Chipotle Incident ~ this tells me you like a good poop story.

2. 我珍贵的战士 ~ this says you love a great love story.

and #1….drum roll please:

The End ~ you like the painfully fantastic reality of life. 

Am I right? 

Just jump!

Do you want to travel? Buy a ticket.
Want to learn a language? Sign up for a class.
Want your teeth whiter? Buy Crest white strips.
Want to lose some lbs? Quit drinkin beer and join CrossFit. 
Want to not watch so much tv? Turn the dang thing OFF.
Want to read a book? Read one. 
Sometimes we make life so much more complicated than it really is. 


I spent this past weekend in New York City. 
I had an amazing time. My love planned the trip and it was perfect. 
~at ice cream at Momofuku Milk bar
~walked around Chelsea & SoHo
~went to Cirque du Soleil at Radio City  
~spent a good 4 hours in Bergdorf Goodman
~took a stroll through Central Park
~ate gelato at Bryant Park
~spent some lovely time in Brooklyn overlooking the city
The trip was short and sweet. We fell in love a bit more and I can’t wait to see the world with this man.
Next stop:
San Francisco (again:)
I can’t wait!!



In case you didn’t already know. 
I love this month. 
24 days till my BIRTHDAY!!!!

Bags are packed!

I have a home. I am moving tomorrow. 
I will be in the exact neighborhood that I have been praying & wanting to live in. 
It is a better situation than I could have planned. 
I have trips planned every month till the end of the year. 
I am getting licensed to do hair! 
My daughter will start school next week and I will be 29 next month. 
And I remember what the Lord has allowed in my life in order to get me to this place. 
Not at all thinking that life will never again be as hard as it was, but, knowing that 
when I go through another battle, the Lord is faithful.
He provides. 
 He is gracious.
He loves with an ardent love.
 He is up to so much good.
He allows crazy things in our lives for the story that He is writing.
He is a master storyteller and a much better writer than I will ever be.

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