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Guess what?

With all the travel, name changing and new little life that I now have, I decided that the blog needed to take a little trip too!

My new blog address:

Thank you SO much for your support!!

Come on over and see what happens in the next chapters.

Oh~click HERE to see our elopement pictures and if you want to read about the whole elopement story, then start HERE but you have to start at the bottom of the page to read the story in order!

~Bre Chang

Jesus loves thrift stores

I just love finding treasures. It baffles me what people can put in their ‘giveaway’ pile. I have found, and continue to find, the most amazing stuff while shopping thrift stores. Today, as I was working on my Weddding Dress: Before/After post, I realized that the Lord must love thrifting too. It’s exactly what He does. I pictured my life like my dress: unwanted, uncared for and needing SO much work. The Lord comes along and sees a vision for what the dress could be and over time, with lots of work and recourses, He fashions something that can be used for a better purpose.

Have a great week!!

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Mean bugs event!

So yesterday I posted this pic on Facebook and got a crazy response so I thought..Blog it!

As I was unpacking boxes of stuff for my new home, I realized that I have a mug addiction. Although I think it is probably a bit safer than heroine, it is still an addiction. I counted them..64(roughly). I really don’t think that is a ridiculous amount but it is a lot. So I decided to do this…Here is the deal of the day for you~ (and me)

Some of these mugs should really find a new home. (And NO. The owl mugs are MINE!!) Why don’t we do this. You send me a bag of your local espresso beans (Not ground coffee..that is only good for the garden. Whole beans).  I will, of course, blog about the beans and where they are from and give you a shout out. I will, once I received a bag, send you one of these mugs..or 2. I think that sounds fair. I would LOVE to see which location wins the furthest traveled award.

If you want to participate in this fun little deal, then email me at: with your address. I will send you mine and wait for the beans! I have already put aside about 15 mugs for this so first come first serve!! I will send 2 mugs AND a little gift to the first person who’s beans I receive (that did NOT sound right).




I recently had to put together an ‘about me’ page for my business website. Ugh. That might rank in my top 10 least favourite things to do. I stared at the blank Word document for about an hour as I pondered what I am about. I couldn’t think of anything awesome. I immediately thought about what the person who introduces speakers at conferences says about the speaker. It usually goes like this:

I am honored to introduce to you this super awesome person. She graduated summa cum-laude  from a prestigious school, with a double major in something extremely difficult and minoring in Japanese (or some hard language equivalent) all while serving as head of some really great charity group. She has written three super longs books that are all best sellers and she has been featured on Oprah, Leno & the View (or some other show the middle aged women watch). In her free time, she runs marathons, does relief work in India and partners with some well known  charity where she serves as director. She has three beautiful children who always behave, a golden retriever and a good looking, wonderful husband who does dishes. 

Maybe I am just crazy,but that is what I hear. So when I had a deadline to do this ‘about me’ page, I instantly went to what my intro person would say about me and this is all I could think of:

Your speaker for today is Bre. She got a 22 on her ACT and went to community college where, after 4 years of trying to figure out what she wanted to do, she failed out. After 2 years of marriage, her ex-husband cheated on her and  left. She got into $20K debt and at times, she even put her rent on credit card. She sleeps too much and rarely works out. She speaks a little bit of Spanish and knows about two words in five other languages. She is short, has stretch marks on her stomach, and her boobs sag from nursing for fourteen months. She has had four root canals and her phone & electricity have been shut off more times than she can count. She has a hairy face and she sweats like a small pig. She has one well behaved child and a super hot, amazing Asian husband that does dishes.

But I didn’t put that…..but maybe I will.

“If I must boast, I will boast in the things that show my weakness.” ~2Cor 11:30

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Foreshadowing 2012

This might be one of the hardest posts that I have written. I must be so careful what I type as I know what happened when I did this post last year: Foreshadowing 2011.  Every single thing came to fruition. I have believed since about 2010 that this would be my year. I am beyond excited and a bit freaked out about what is going to happen this year. As I was praying into this year, I really wanted to make sure that when I was ‘foreshadowing’ 2012, that I was simply getting the Lord’s promises for my life in this year.

The year of radical obedience, ruthless trust and epic adventures. I am going to travel to places that I have never been & meet some of the friends that I haven’t yet met in person. I will welcome a new sister into the family in June 🙂 I will pray & fast at a level that I have not yet known. I have promises from the LORD and have no idea how they are going to come about.  There is no way that I can make those things happen, but after reading a little blog that I myself have written, I realize that absolutely nothing is impossible for the LORD. Yes, I have to go back often to read the words that my own little hands have typed. To remember what the LORD has done. We mustn’t forget.

I am going to pursue modeling/acting more and take some theater workshops soon. I am also going to work hard at my business as an Interior Stylist. I am excited to see where that leads and look forward to my online store! I really feel like the big picture is that I am to be a speaker. This freaks me out but trust that the LORD knows better than I. I will share this journey with you.  I feel like I read so many blogs of people  who are already on the ‘other side’. They have their books and they are scheduling their conferences. I know that those things don’t come over night and have always wondered what it takes to get to that place where you are doing book signings and booking your hotel for your west coast conference.

This is going to be a huge year. I can feel it. I will blog my journey and hope that you will write out your own journey. It doesn’t have to be public, but it is so wonderful to go back and be able to read where your heart was at any given place in your story. Let’s see what the LORD has. Oh, and maybe a little blasianite (black/asian/white) baby will be made 🙂

What do you feel is in store for your year that seems to be SO far out of reach that only the LORD could make it happen?

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Europe: The final chapter

We took the train from Florence to Rome. It was the most beautiful train ride. Everything looked just like a movie set. We sat across from the cutest kids who were from Rome but visiting their dad who lives in Florence. They spoke in the most beautiful Italian and did their homework the whole way home. We spent 2 days in Rome and the first day we shared with our friends Benj & Maddie. We took pictures in the streets and I got to wear my vintage red dress.We ate the best lasagna, which tasted like a bunch of angels thrown in a mixer with flour & sauce. The wine was made in house and the bread was again, like angels & flour. Delicious. Of course we had gelato & espresso..and I had the best donut of my life. We went to the Vatican, the Spanish steps, Colosseo, and a bunch of other important places that, due to my lack of history knowledge, I don’t know. My prince has a bunch of great pics on his phone and I will get those to you later. We left the country super early on New Year’s day so we watched the fireworks from our hotel. They went on for nearly an HOUR! It was beautiful as there are no firework regulations in Rome. It was like watching 30 Disney World fireworks displays all at once.

(Yes, that is us at the Pantheon)

And that was our trip!

We flew back into DC and the next morning, my husband had to fly back out to the West Coast. He will be moving here in 12days and we get the keys to our new place tomorrow!! I hope to get our home all set up before he gets here.

I am so humbled & blown away that you have read this crazy story. Your feedback has brought me to tears. I could have never written this story. Have a crazy awesome week!

~Bre Chang (hehe)

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Europe: Chapter V

When my love told me that we were having a photographer flown out to Italy to take our pictures, I was BEYOND excited. Since I dabble in getting my picture taken for a living, nothing sounded better than a photoshoot in Italy, but when he told me that the photographer was some dude named Marcus, who was a friend of a friend who happened to be in Europe while we were there, I got nervous. I am very persnickety about my photographers so I kinda need to love their work before we shoot. My love wouldn’t let me see any of the work that this ‘Marcus’ has done. I was slightly concerned and went ahead a googled ‘wedding photography in Florence’ so I could get some great ideas for our shoot. We went outside to wait for ‘Marcus’ to pull up via taxi. The taxi pulls up in front of our hotel and a girl gets out followed by ‘Marcus’. It was our sweet friends Maddie & Benj!! Did I mention that I married the most thoughtful & sneaky man? I ran upstairs to put on my vintage dress and we headed out to shoot!

We had a BLAST shooting with them. Aren’t they AMAZING photographers!!! Go to his blog to see more pics: BENJHAISCH !! I HIGHLY recommend him for your photographic needs (our pics are towards the bottom but enjoy all the ones before). I am so thankful to the LORD, my Prince & the Haisch’s for giving me the best photoshoot of my life!

Oh…Then we headed to Rome with our friends for more pics!!!

{The Chang’s & Haisch’s at the Gucci Museo caffe!}

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Europe: Chapter IV

Florence was my favourite city that I visited in Italy. I ate more gelato and drank more espresso than I probably should have. Hazelnut & Almond were my favourite gelato flavors just in case you were wondering. We took the train from Venice to Florence which was a lot of fun. We went to the Uffizi Museum which held some very important pieces of art/sculpture but after about 10 minutes, everything started to look the same. Here are some more pics:

We were there 2 days and on the 3rd day, a photographer named Marcus was suppose to show up…

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So I realize some folks don’t know the whole story. If you had to read a few posts to get the bigger picture of the road that I’ve traveled they would be these:

1. It’s over..or is it just the beginning?

2. Cracker Jacks

3. Till a good lawyer do us part..

4. The End.


6. Sweet Encouragement

7. My weekend!

8. Europe: Chapter I

I think these posts pretty much sum up the story. The LORD is crazy and up to good. Have a great day!!!

Europe: Chapter III

We only spent the day in Paris. Our flight was leaving that evening to a destination that I didn’t yet know. I was actually able to go through the entire flight without knowing where we were going for our honeymoon!

As we were descending into a most lovely country,  I heard the pilots announcement welcoming my husband and I and i guess the rest of the plane to Venice. AHHHH!!

Venice was lovely and quiet. No cars allowed in the city. We took a boat to get where we wanted to go, had midnight mass at St. Mark’s Basilica for Christmas Eve, ate the most amazing almond cakes each day and took the water taxi to the most colorful island of Burano. We were in Venice for 3 days. And I saw Saint Nicholas on Christmas!

Then we headed to Florence!

Thanks for reading these Chapters on Europe. Go back to Chapter I to get the full Europe story!

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