I recently had to put together an ‘about me’ page for my business website. Ugh. That might rank in my top 10 least favourite things to do. I stared at the blank Word document for about an hour as I pondered what I am about. I couldn’t think of anything awesome. I immediately thought about what the person who introduces speakers at conferences says about the speaker. It usually goes like this:

I am honored to introduce to you this super awesome person. She graduated summa cum-laude  from a prestigious school, with a double major in something extremely difficult and minoring in Japanese (or some hard language equivalent) all while serving as head of some really great charity group. She has written three super longs books that are all best sellers and she has been featured on Oprah, Leno & the View (or some other show the middle aged women watch). In her free time, she runs marathons, does relief work in India and partners with some well known  charity where she serves as director. She has three beautiful children who always behave, a golden retriever and a good looking, wonderful husband who does dishes. 

Maybe I am just crazy,but that is what I hear. So when I had a deadline to do this ‘about me’ page, I instantly went to what my intro person would say about me and this is all I could think of:

Your speaker for today is Bre. She got a 22 on her ACT and went to community college where, after 4 years of trying to figure out what she wanted to do, she failed out. After 2 years of marriage, her ex-husband cheated on her and  left. She got into $20K debt and at times, she even put her rent on credit card. She sleeps too much and rarely works out. She speaks a little bit of Spanish and knows about two words in five other languages. She is short, has stretch marks on her stomach, and her boobs sag from nursing for fourteen months. She has had four root canals and her phone & electricity have been shut off more times than she can count. She has a hairy face and she sweats like a small pig. She has one well behaved child and a super hot, amazing Asian husband that does dishes.

But I didn’t put that…..but maybe I will.

“If I must boast, I will boast in the things that show my weakness.” ~2Cor 11:30

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  1. Andrea says:

    HAHAHAHA I LOVE it Bre. I might try this approach for our adoption About Us…

  2. Mom says:

    Let me add…….she is an amazing young woman who is SO talented in SO many areas that she just can’t settle on one career path (nor will she ever settle!) Bre is a talented writer (especially considering she hated English in school). She is beautiful both in body (well in face anyway!) and spirit. She is guided daily by her God. Bre loves and is dearly loved by her friends, her super hot husband, well behaved daughter, wonderful brothers, adoring and oh-so-proud parents, and most of all her sweet Savior and Lord, Jesus.

  3. lilnbri says:

    I relate more to your introduction (I too have a hairy face and sweat like a small pig). It would grab my attention and I would want to listen to what you have to say =)

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