Mean bugs event!

So yesterday I posted this pic on Facebook and got a crazy response so I thought..Blog it!

As I was unpacking boxes of stuff for my new home, I realized that I have a mug addiction. Although I think it is probably a bit safer than heroine, it is still an addiction. I counted them..64(roughly). I really don’t think that is a ridiculous amount but it is a lot. So I decided to do this…Here is the deal of the day for you~ (and me)

Some of these mugs should really find a new home. (And NO. The owl mugs are MINE!!) Why don’t we do this. You send me a bag of your local espresso beans (Not ground coffee..that is only good for the garden. Whole beans).  I will, of course, blog about the beans and where they are from and give you a shout out. I will, once I received a bag, send you one of these mugs..or 2. I think that sounds fair. I would LOVE to see which location wins the furthest traveled award.

If you want to participate in this fun little deal, then email me at: with your address. I will send you mine and wait for the beans! I have already put aside about 15 mugs for this so first come first serve!! I will send 2 mugs AND a little gift to the first person who’s beans I receive (that did NOT sound right).





One thought on “Mean bugs event!

  1. Shon says:

    Hmm, mugs not bugs? I was not sure where this post was going??;) I would love to have that Chi-town Starbucks mug!! What kind of beans do you like?

    Shon I’ll email you my deets. Thank you! Happy Home making!!;)

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