I am a divorced, single mom who failed out of school, lost all her money, had no place to live, lost her job YET, for some reason, a loving Father in heaven looked down on me and completely redeemed my story.  I will boast in the Lord.

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  1. lilnbri says:

    I love your blog. I could not sleep and read your entire blog (I think. My iPad app kept acting up). It took me like three hours (2 am to 5 am). I laughed, I cried and most importantly I was ministered too (several times I must say). It brought me back to my life January 1998. Exactly 14 years ago (I can’t believe it has been that long). My marriage was over, I too failed out of school, I was a single mom living back at home with my mom (sucked royally). I know exactly how you were feeling. Thank God he never leaves us. I don’t know where I would of been if he had not showed up on the scene even when I was not seeking him. I remember I ran into an old friend of mine in a parking lot and I just started to cry (didn’t you hate when that would happen). She said to me, I will never forget this, right now your life looks like a big ocean with no end in sight but God wants you to know there is land on the other side. After that day I was hopeful and my life changed. Ten years later I was able to testify to a young lady at church that was crying for the same exact reason (single mom separated from her husband back home with mom). I never thought I would use that story to help another. I had not even thought about it until that day we were asked to pray for the person next to us. She changed that day as well and today is in a better place. You have enlightened me to start my own blog (never thought I would do that). All of my trials and tribulations (and there have been a plenty) can help someone else. Why keep it inside (I liked when you blogged about this very thing).

    I am so happy you are in a great place now. Thank you for not giving up and trusting in the Lord. I know how difficult that can be at first but I also know once you trust him you never ever stop, that is for sure 😉
    Keep doing what you are doing…
    Maybe we can have coffee time someday =)

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