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Foreshadowing 2011

Oh 2011! You are nearly here!!!! My soul rejoices. There are so many things I look forward to in this coming year:

I WILL go to Europe!!
I love these brothers so much and look forward to watching them grow (obviously not taller.sorry jon) in the LORD
My business, Breeze Styling, WILL take off and I will be changing lives one closet at a time 
I love this little girl and can’t wait to share this year with her!
My debt is going to get paid off..somehow


Maybe my Prince will come? 
The LORD says, “I am about to….”
My soul waits on HIM. 

Average looking white female with coffee mug

Feeling really sad for myself right now. Although I am alone today, this Christmas is SO much better than last years. I am beyond thankful for how fast the year has gone by. I have a feeling that Christmas 2011 is going to be amazing. I am so glad for the hours of labor without epidural or cute gown or pitocin that Mary went through. Happy Birthday Jesus!

Like a G6

..and it is all working out according to the Master’s plan. Hard days are still to come but I will embrace them in order to get where I am suppose to go. The love of the Lord is amazing. He is such a good God, a kind father and a just King. I have never been more excited for a year to start than I am for 2011. It is almost here folks. I picked this picture because I really like the color of both shoes and the cuffs. I feel like these people are standing a bit too far apart but I am wondering what the rest of the photo looks like. What do you think. I think they are both holding children and latte’s and diaper bags and that is why they seem far away. I like that they are speaking the same fashion language. I am guessing those huge feet on the left are men’s feet. I like that his cuff is bigger and his shoes more worn..and of course, the no socks. I like her polished Mary Janes (although I wouldn’t wear mary janes), I like that her cuff is smaller and that it looks as though they are wearing matching jeans. I like the oneness of it all.