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Dangerous Wonder

The numbness of my soul began to dissipate, and I could sense the beginning of a wild and new way of living. I was full of joy and fear at the same time because I knew that if I listened to this Jesus and followed Him – if I, like the disciples, left my fishing or my tax collecting – He would lead me into treacherous territory, where every day would be an experience of danger and wonder at the same time: an adventure of dangerous wonder!”
-Mike Yaconelli in Dangerous Wonder


The Dress Looks Nice on You.

Im ready to go on an adventure. Not like the adventure this girl is about to go on because I am not a fan of roller coasters or ferris wheels but my own big adventure. This week has started off a bit slow. I guess not every page in one’s story is suppose to be filled with wonder and amazement. A few things kinda got figured out though.
#1. I am not going to be able to go to KC like I wanted to the end of this month. I WILL, however, be going the week of Oct. 17th. 🙂 and….I will be seeing Sufjan Stevens in concert. yes folks. be jealous. I am beyond excited for all that will go down during that visit.
#2. I am going to try and get a roommate. It will be just too expensive to move closer to the city at this point. So. If you know anyone who needs a place to live..okay. not just anyone. but you get what I am saying. Let me know. There is a great room with a walk in closet and big windows and a bathroom for rent. There is also a promise of good food available for eating at all times and a freezer full of ice cream.

I am currently reading “The Tipping Point”. It has been such a great read. I really enjoy books like that. I am not a fan of August. Have a mentioned that? I think I have. I get seasonal depression in the summer. Not really…but kinda. I need a break. Like a few days off. With cash and a car and some far off destination and maybe a good friend and some mix tapes and lots of snacks. We would go thrifting for days and drink too much coffee and eat lots of fruit.

I have been thinking a lot about all the dreams I have for my future and wondering how on earth they are going to pan out. Not in a stressful, panicky sort of wonder but more in a confident and eager sort of wonder. I feel like this chapter that I am in is about working. Working on building relationships, becoming a better cook, being faithful in the small things, building my business, loving people more, taking care of my home, being a good steward of my finances, and so on. It is necessary and I will gladly walk out these pages.