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Bailey boo

She melts my heart. 

My yesterday

 Bailey and I went to visit her little cousin Aidan. What cuties.

Then we cooked some deliciousnees. 
And then we talked about life and how most little girls don’t get to sit on the counter and eat their dinner.
Then I told her to make a model face. She has so much to learn in life. And that was my yesterday..kinda

Coffee Talk with a Special Guest

I have a special guest here with me today at our Coffee talk. I am going to interview her and see what insight she has on life:

1. What is your favorite thing about the coffee shop? Umm. Chock-lick milk. This is not the coffee shop. The coffee shop is the one we went to with baby Aiden (Northside Social. hahha. She knows a real coffee shop when she sees one)

2. What is the hardest thing about life? To clean up my stuff

3. What are your life goals? What is life goals. (I explain) Oh to play and to go to Massanutten. 

4. What is your biggest fear? What is fear mean. (I explain) Oh- monsters and snakes. I feared to do swings. (She is really afraid of swings)

5. What are you most excited for this year? For spring. No. For winter. I so excited to do spring but it’s not spring yet. What is it now? 

Oh if life were that simple. Happy Fat Tuesday!

Sweet mornings

Bailey’s Morning:
Momma’s morning:

Smoothie drop

After just pouring Bailey a glass of berry smoothie, she dropped it. So I got out my camera.

She dropped the Tom & Jerry glass on her foot. Her middle toe is slightly bruised.

So I made her lay her face in it (not really..I just got a good angle).

It is hard to tell but she is pointing to the smoothie covered ceiling. Her expression was cuter that the ceiling.


Bailey rubbed my head today and said, 
“Mom. You are like a brown panda”.
This was a cute hat that she got for Christmas from Anthropologie and her panda which she named ‘Jack’. She wants to drag this huge panda everywhere and she likes to show off her hat by saying,
“I want to show you my balls!”. 
This kid is funny.

"Mom, is that you?"

I am tired. So much to do this month. Everything is, of course, coming together. Why do we ever doubt. The Lord loves us and loves the details of our lives. Things are going to look really different come spring. I am excited for these changes. Bailey just asked me to lick her finger and I did.


It is Bailey’s birthday. I cannot believe that 3 years ago today, I was in the most excruciating pain of my life, which, after a mere 23 hours, ended with a 20lb weight loss and a blonde haired, blue eyed little girl. I love this kid more than I can express as I know all of you parents out there can understand. Here is a list of some of the ridiculous things she has said recently:

-“I like brown boys; mommy likes white boys”

-“I want to be a tomato when I grow up or a helicopter like my uncle Nate” (she means a chiropractor)

-“Because I am white” (after asking her why she is so cute)

-“Momma, I like your butt and your toes” (?)

-“That sounds dangerous” (after telling her that she will be flying back from Kansas City with her mimi and grandma)

-“But I have to because it’s my birthday!” (after telling her that I don’t want her to grow up or get bigger)

Love you Bailey boo!!