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The ink needs to dry

Creating a new life.
I had no clue that life could be this great.
At one point, I felt as though life was dragging me thru an unending, frigid winter.
Hoping for the spring, I held on, looking up at my Maker for reassurance for new things to come, trusting that one day, the ice will melt and become a refreshing drink for the thirsty ground below. That solid ground, I believed, would soon become a foundation on which life would flourish.
The Lord is faithful.
Life is flourishing.

pg 128

“When a woman has God’s beauty -a meek and quiet spirit- she isn’t threatening to those around her. She doesn’t compete; she doesn’t ‘demand her rights’, because she’s secure. Her trust is in God to exalt her in his own way and time, and he does! He can afford to expand her gifts and increase her place in the world, because she’s not grasping for it. That’s God’s kind of beautiful woman.”
-Anne Ortlund