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I need to be more bold.
I get nervous when it comes to approaching people.
I have this little fashion blog and the idea of it is to capture the style of folks that I run into on the street. 
I don’t know why I wanted to do this. It terrifies me. 
So today, I am sitting at Starbucks. I see this old Japanese man who is just DARLING. 
i should have stolen him.
I wanted to take his picture. But instead, I just stared at him like a creeper.
No picture. No blog post.
Just scared me with my camera and mac and espresso.
What makes you nervous ?

What you read.

I have spent hours and hours compiling a list of the Top 5 most read blog posts. lies.
I am trying to figure out what the reader is drawn to in my blogging and I think I got it. 
So without further adieu yes, i had to spell check that.:

5. The End ~ this tells me you guys like sad wedding stuff.  

            4. To: My brother and new sister ~ this tells me you like happy wedding stuff and a possible fight. 

    3. The Chipotle Incident ~ this tells me you like a good poop story.

2. 我珍贵的战士 ~ this says you love a great love story.

and #1….drum roll please:

The End ~ you like the painfully fantastic reality of life. 

Am I right? 


This week is HUGE for me. There is so much newness going on. I am officially moving out the first week of August and am SO excited about it. I am staying in the Northern Virginia area and will let you know where I end up when I end up there 🙂
I leave Saturday for Kansas City!!!!!!! I can’t wait. I have so many people to see and so much espresso to drink. The week after that I am headed to Disney World for a conference with my church. I am going to help and won’t be at the actual conference but I do think I will meet Prince Charming there 🙂
I have started a new thing with my StyleBlog. I am really excited about the new concept and would LOVE it if you checked it out. This week is the test run for the new stuff. Lots of great things are going on the with business : BreezeStyling
Lots of good things. AND..Fall is just around the corner!!!
So. Click on this link: The Fitting Room.
I would love for you to share it with someone, tweet it, facebook it, re-blog it, follow it. Just spread the love 🙂
I hope your little life is coming together well. Everyday is another little page of the story. 
Happy Monday!