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Final 2011 post

Hey friends!

This will be my last post of the year. I leave in just a few hours for  a surprise overseas trip. AHHHHH!!

I have a feeling it is going to be magical.

I can’ t wait to post when I get back and tell you about all the wonderful little adventures that happened.

I am BEYOND thankful for this year. It has been the hardest yet most amazing year of my life. I am not the same person that I was last December and for that I am grateful. The Lord has stripped my life of the things I thought I needed and has given me HIM in its place and there is where I have found my joy & contentment. I have felt more rejection, failure, sorrow & loneliness in this year and at the same time, I have also experienced the deepest love, understood redemption a bit and have witnessed  the most crazy provision:

~I was completely out of toilet paper, prayed, and a random person showed up with a a pack of toilet paper

~I had no gas in my car, and no money to buy gas, and a friend told me to meet her at the gas station so she could fill up my tank

~On a day where I didn’t have money to buy lunch nor food in my fridge to bring, a co-worker just happened to bring extra food for me

~My rent was paid, for 8 months straight, by someone different each month

~I went to Disney World, for FREE!

~Not to mention that someone brought Bailey and I into their home…RENT FREE!

This is just a tiny little bit of the things the Lord has done. I can honestly take ZERO credit for any of this. The Lord is crazy & awesome and up to so much good for our lives. Sometime though, we have to go through some deep painful things so that we will learn to trust in the Lord & become fully dependent on Him. Let me be the first to tell you that it is not fun or easy. Not knowing where you will be living, how your baby will get fed or what on earth the Lord has for your next page is not fun. I think that is why so many people stay in their safe little stories even if they hate the story they are in. At least there is something familiar & comfortable about it, but when I read the Bible, I have yet to read where people who follow Jesus lead safe comfortable lives. Is that in your Bible?

My prayer for 2012 is that we would be willing to abandon the safe little story that we have held onto in our minds. That we would allow the Lord to write us a story that people would want to read. A story of adventure & faith & trust. That we would no longer desire the petty things of this world but that we would be desperate for the Father & His mighty Word. In this next year, decide to give it up. Allow the Lord to just rock your world and take your story to a place that you would never expect.

I can’t wait to tell you all about my trip. I will be back after the first of the year.

I am jumping into a new story and am excited to see what the first few pages have!

You have turned my mourning into dancing; you have taken off my sackcloth and clothed me with joy, so that my soul may praise you and not be silent. O LORD my God, I will give thanks to you forever!”~Psalm 30:11


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Average looking white female with coffee mug

Feeling really sad for myself right now. Although I am alone today, this Christmas is SO much better than last years. I am beyond thankful for how fast the year has gone by. I have a feeling that Christmas 2011 is going to be amazing. I am so glad for the hours of labor without epidural or cute gown or pitocin that Mary went through. Happy Birthday Jesus!

Coffee Talk

The first snow of the season is happening right now. My friend A. who lives in the great Jackson TN, made me take this mug when we went to brunch together in Kansas City. It is from a great place called First Watch. I have every intention on returning it lying. The mug is heavy and little and I love it.  I have been sick for a few days and haven’t gone to work and I feel the same crappiness today. I threw away a bunch of things yesterday. I love getting rid of stuff. I like to blame my dad who keeps every newspaper article with anything related to sports and to my mom who still has my Halloween costume from when I was 3. (Now…it did come in handy and Bailey wore it 2 years ago but that is besides the point). I am afraid my children will have no memories unless they are uploaded to a hard drive somewhere. I have taken in more sodium these days of being sick, thanks to the gallons of chicken broth that have been slurped, than I have had all year. I feel like I can now float in water. Time for a few fun facts before I get ready for work…as if you cared…

*I think swedish fish are disgusting!
*We are doing a felt Christmas tree this year
*I have received one Christmas card so far. There was no money, no picture, no Christmas letter. I don’t understand.
*I love old pieces of luggage
*I am planning a little get-a-way for when I am official single 🙂 I am thinking about the Northwest US.
*I own 3 pairs of black shoes. I do not own a pair of black pants.
*I notice a woman’s teeth, eyebrows and nails. I notice a man’s teeth, hem of their pants and socks.
*I ate a half dozen oatmeal cookies yesterday. Random things I added to them were: pomegranate infused craisens, cardamom and orange extract
*I hate horseradish

Happy 9 days till Christmas!!