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You know what I like most about the midwest? No…Its not the Super Wal-mart who prostitutes herself on each corner like little Ms. Starbucks does out here. And, it is not the overall lack of style. I like and by like I mean LOVE the sense of community. No wait….It is not a sense….It IS.
People actually get together. Yep.
Strange concept out here on the East Coast where everyone lives a good hour away and everyone is “too busy” and you get penciled in for the end of the month only to get pushed back because something came up. WOW. Do I sound angry?
I am not. Not at all.
Just slightly annoyed.
I have 2 faithful friends out here and i made a new one today…I think she will be faithful too.
Carrie and Virginia. You are faithful friends. Thank you. And Grace, you will be faithful.
Yeah, so the midwest does quality time really well. The reasoning is not important….maybe there is absolutely nothing to do and there is no traffic so you can get anywhere in 15 minutes but that is not the point….you make time for that which you find important. People are important to the Midwest. Work is important to the East Coast. Not wrong WRONG┬ájust different.
I want to bring the crazy concept of “Community” to the East Coast.
It is going to be so so challenging. I have tried before and failed.
I will try again.
So give me a few folks who want to break bread together and share life together and I will bake bread.