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the darkroom

Have you ever been to Cambodia? I have. For 2 months. It was great. The air was terrible. We only noticed how hard it was to breathe when we first arrived but we quickly got use to it. By the end of the trip it was like normal. We had no clue what that polluted air was doing to our little alveoluses and bronchi’s. We got so used to it being 130 degrees that we actually covered up at night to go to sleep but not until week 4 or 5. We had to get used to it. And we did. When you are in the dark for so long, you begin to see a bit. It takes a while but you get used to it. It becomes your normal. Until you go back to life before. Until you feel 80 degree weather with a cool breeze. Until you smell jasmine and breathe in the fresh air of Hawaii and feel a clean spring rain. Until you step out of the darkroom and into the light. The light being so bright that you can hardly stand it. 
I have been in such a dark room for so long. My heart has grown accustom to the abuse. To the neglect. To the anger. It is so great to be out but for a bit I need to get used to the light. That is going to take a while, but I will not go back……….