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Why can’t life be this simple. 

Modern Vintage

It’s kinda the look right now. When you have two great concepts, why would you not put them together?Look at the magic that can be made. You can’t rush this look. Pieces must be collected slowly over time. Although the look may seem thrown together, the designer and assistants are the only ones who know the ridiculous amount of time and effort this “look” actually took. Careful planning and timely execution is key. The space must be edited over and over again. Feedback is good, as long as it is from one who understands the whole Modern Vintage concept.  A “Shabby Chic”er might not jump on board. It is easy to just do a modern look or a vintage look. The combination of two concepts takes a lot more work. The payoff is worth it. As I am sitting on my porch, bumming internet and dreaming of a re-do of my place, I hear a yelp, which sounds as if a baby leopard has just been choked repeatedly by a WWE wrestler. Or. It could be a large, adult rat getting ran over by a scooter. It is a weird sound and I am not sure what to do about it…..I still hear a faint crying. Maybe a baby. So, what did I do about the disturbing noise? I searched for a better picture to describe this modern vintage concept, changed songs on my itunes and turned it up just one notch.

a Stripper?

I made cookies today. When I took them out of the oven, I thought they looked a bit funny. Then…I realized I forgot to add the flour. I am a cook. not a baker. I like to put in what I want and when you bake, it just doesn’t work like that.

I love this picture. I saw it online and had to steal it. I love the couch and the chairs and the walls and the ceiling. I love it all. My heart was a bit heavy today. I don’t know if it was just the complete lack of quality sleep this weekend or the fact that I payed bills and, well, we know how stressful that can be, but nonetheless, my heart was a bit heavy. I am so glad that my dear friend V. came over. That helped to process things.

I realized that my vision is much bigger than my reality. I see big things in my future. Really big things. Then, I look at my reality. I am then reminded of Noah. He didn’t just build that huge boat overnight. It took years and years and years and a whole heck of a lot of work. I am ready to work. The sermon Sunday was great. Talking about faith and whatnot.  I am realizing that this time is the time of sowing into the next chapter. A year from now, my life will look completely different. The things that I do today and tomorrow will effect a year from now. It is time to get busy. To start sowing into my business, to sow deeper into my relationships and my mailbox community of eleven.

Mailbox community. I love you. Hearing your voice on paper is priceless.

Why did 3 people last week, from the lounge that I work at on the weekends, guess that my other job was a stripper?? I am confused by this. Very confused. I was not, in any way, dressed in a way that would remotely encourage the word STRIPPER to pop into the mind of the guesser. Hmm. Maybe I should just stop having people guess what it is I do. No..Its kinda fun to hear the guesses. I also get Police Officer, Firefighter, PR, hairstylist…hmmm.

I just remembered what I wanted to blog about and none of this was it. Gotta go find another pic. I will wait till after midnight to post though so I don’t seem to blog happy.


This is what I did today. It took a really long time. I didn’t use a level. I am so glad to sit in a chair right now in this room and blog while looking at my little creation. I have a candle lit too. I want my home to be open for you to come over if you like. I mean, it is. Unless you are a creeper..and by using the strikeout doesn’t mean that I don’t really mean that. It just means that is what I am thinking but don’t really think i should type it. I am having my girls over on tuesday. I am excited for that. Food & friends. life is good. I am missing Kansas City a bit. a lot I will go back in Sept. I think. I hope. I really enjoy my friends there. There is never enough time when I visit. I need more frames. Will you send me one or 2? Any size.


I really like this sink.

Center St.

I just had a wonderful (and by wonderful I mean horribly hot, out of shape body hurts) run in the perfect little community that I live in. I wanted to go a new way this time and went up the lovely Riding Center Drive and then came home via Center St. Oh Center St. It is so perfect. On the left are the most massive, new, cookie cutter homes (Toll Brother’s I think), and to the right are these little white single family homes tucked in one beside the other. Each has 1 big tree in front, 5 bushes, white paint, a 4×4 foot front yard and a cute little deck. Oh the illusion of perfection. It makes me smile. No matter how hard we try to make our outside look so put together we all know its just an illusion. We are all in it. This life that is. This hard, unpredictable, wonderful life. Let us stop pretending. There is Freedom in the end. (no really-Freedom High school is at the end of the street:) I love that.