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Get behind me!

I just have to do it. I just have to go. To follow my heart and my dreams and that which I am called to. Why is it so hard? I was reading in Exodus today about Moses. God told him specifically what to do. God told him what to say and what would happen when he said it. God was specific. Moses kept telling God that he couldn’t, that he wasn’t good enough, eloquent enough, etc. It is so easy to look at Moses and call him a goof ball in the beginning of chapter 4. We just want to tell Moses to go because we can see what happened because of his obedience.

But what about when we don’t know the outcome. Or what about when God promises us that great things are going to happen. Why are we still scared. Why can’t we just GO and TRUST! I have a feeling that I am not the only one in this situation. That you, or someone you know is scared to do what the Lord has called them to do for whatever reason.

I am realizing that saying NO to the enemy of our souls is a daily thing. It is a battle didn’t I blog that a while ago? time to start following my own blog.┬áNot a one time thing. I am fighting today. Fighting my flesh and my circumstances. Fighting my reality with what the Lord has called me to. ┬áMay the Lord prevail.

Let us turn our back to the lies of the enemy. Turn and run to the Lord. Run to His arms.

(sidenote-why do people sag their pants? It just looks silly. They should just make thigh highs out of denim. silly silly people)