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My trip!!

I am going on a trip tomorrow.

I have no idea where I am going.

I realize that this makes me sound crazy and I am okay with that.

My Prince has booked an overseas trip for Christmas/New Year’s.

Did I mention that I had no idea where I am going?!

I think it might be Japan or Italy.

The only thing that I know is that it is going to be from 30-50 degrees.

I cannot WAIT!

Where do you think I am going?!

I am so excited to share pics of the trip with you. I will not be able to blog during the trip so you will just have to wait until next year to hear the story!

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Chasing Waterfalls.

I feel like I am on the edge of something.
Something that combines all the things my heart loves.
I have lots to learn & seek the Lord on. 
I don’t know what it is going to look like
but I must get in the water and see where
it takes me…..

Picture perfect
I just love this picture.
This is what I want my life to look like.
Have you thought about that? 
If you had to have just one picture of what you want your life to look like..what would it be?

I really know not much

I hope you all had a great 4th of July weekend. I had a great time as I was at a BBQ at the home of a fabulous chef. 
You better believe I asked as many questions as I could about food. I learned about:
onions, pasta water, olives, bourbon, grilling, ranges, orzo, pans and tomatos. 
He loved to share his insight with me and I had such a great time learning about those things. 
There is so much to learn in this little life. 
I feel that the deeper you go in any area of life, you quickly come to the realization that you really didn’t know much in the first place. I love how on time and gentle the LORD is with that reminder. 
I have so much to learn. 
So thankful for HIS grace in this day. 

My yesterday

 Bailey and I went to visit her little cousin Aidan. What cuties.

Then we cooked some deliciousnees. 
And then we talked about life and how most little girls don’t get to sit on the counter and eat their dinner.
Then I told her to make a model face. She has so much to learn in life. And that was my yesterday..kinda

When life gives you a wine rack….

 A few years back, my dear sis gave me this amazing wine rack for Christmas. I haven’t used it in quite some time due to the lack of wine currently residing in my home. I do have one bottle:

So I went to the asian market yesterday and bout 7 of my favorite Kent mangos. I pulled out the wine rack and thought..

“6 slots…7 mangos”
So I put one in the fridge and my wine rack now serves as a mango rack. 
(note: cute kid playing on iphone while sitting on the counter is safe)

Think outside the box of mangos. Be creative. Happy weekend!!


The month of February was dedicated to making Thai food. I can now add: panang curry, pad thai and pad prik king to my culinary resume. March is for Greece. This is called souvlaki or gyro. It is super easy! I made the tzatziki too.

My version of the recipe:
1. Cut up some chicken, deseeded cucumber, tomato, red onion. 
2. Put some paprika, salt, pepper and oregano and evoo on the chicken, put it on a skewer and grill it
3. Make the tzatziki first:
1. Grate a deseeded cucumber (it will hurt your hands)
2. Buy some really thick Greek yoghurt. (they spell it with an h)
3. Mix about 13oz of the Greek yoghurt with the grated cucumber and add some white vinegar, evoo, salt, pepper and about 2tbsp of chopped dill (buy the dill fresh. no powder)
4. Dip the extra pita in this deliciousness while you are waiting for the chicken. (make sure you save some for your actual meal. 
Back to the Souvlaki
4. Put some evoo on the pita and grill it but just for a bit. Don’t you dry out the pita or try to put in a load of laundry real quick. You will burn it. I did. 😦 In that case, use what little isn’t burnt and dip it in the tzatziki while you are waiting for the chicken.
5. After chicken is done, squeeze lemon over it and use the pita to slide it off the skewer.
6. Put a ton of the tzatziki on the pita first. Then do the chicken. 
7. Cover with chopped tomato, cucumber and red onion.
8. Make more
I kinda love cooking and eating. I love the process. Come over. Let’s break (pita) bread. 

Sweet mornings

Bailey’s Morning:
Momma’s morning:

Bikram yoga dress code: wear as little as you want.

In a recent conversation,  a girl R. and I were talking about our dreams. I was telling her what my dream life looks like: running my home, taking care of my husband and my children, cooking everyday, modeling, doing my business, etc.  The man that was standing near us looks at me with crazy eyes and say, “That is not a dream. That’s a JOB!” I said back to him, “Well, its MY dream!”. And it is.

In other recent news, I should be getting a fancy phone soon, I think I am getting a cold again, a grilled cheese should always consists of fresh bread, muenster, rosemary, evoo and fresh cracked pepper, R. from Northside Social is doing cooking classes!!, I found a Bikram studio near my job and I will be going in the next week or so, Nordstrom’s espresso roast coffee is actually good and I got 7 magazines in the mail yesterday. 🙂


Take a bowl full of mush
buy these at the asian market and put a bit of mush in each one,
put them in a hot pan with a bit of oil and water
Dinner is served.