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Coffee Talk

The first snow of the season is happening right now. My friend A. who lives in the great Jackson TN, made me take this mug when we went to brunch together in Kansas City. It is from a great place called First Watch. I have every intention on returning it lying. The mug is heavy and little and I love it.  I have been sick for a few days and haven’t gone to work and I feel the same crappiness today. I threw away a bunch of things yesterday. I love getting rid of stuff. I like to blame my dad who keeps every newspaper article with anything related to sports and to my mom who still has my Halloween costume from when I was 3. (Now…it did come in handy and Bailey wore it 2 years ago but that is besides the point). I am afraid my children will have no memories unless they are uploaded to a hard drive somewhere. I have taken in more sodium these days of being sick, thanks to the gallons of chicken broth that have been slurped, than I have had all year. I feel like I can now float in water. Time for a few fun facts before I get ready for work…as if you cared…

*I think swedish fish are disgusting!
*We are doing a felt Christmas tree this year
*I have received one Christmas card so far. There was no money, no picture, no Christmas letter. I don’t understand.
*I love old pieces of luggage
*I am planning a little get-a-way for when I am official single 🙂 I am thinking about the Northwest US.
*I own 3 pairs of black shoes. I do not own a pair of black pants.
*I notice a woman’s teeth, eyebrows and nails. I notice a man’s teeth, hem of their pants and socks.
*I ate a half dozen oatmeal cookies yesterday. Random things I added to them were: pomegranate infused craisens, cardamom and orange extract
*I hate horseradish

Happy 9 days till Christmas!!


Fun facts or stupid facts or just poppycock.

1. You would never catch me sitting on a rooftop like that. I am deathly afraid of heights. Wait…I am also a liar. I have kinda sat like this (but not THAT close to the edge) with a fun friend in Kansas City. I don’t recommend it.

2. There is a mini crunch bar in my bed at the moment. I found it this morning. I don’t know why it is there. It is under the sheets. The interesting part of all of this little crunch bar story is that I didn’t move it. I left it there. What does that say about me?

3. I make a huge breakfast every morning: potatoes, onions, 3 eggs, cilantro or basil, sea salt, fresh ground pepper, jalepenos.

4. I have a brown corduroy duvet cover on my bed now. Its my “winter” duvet. I think duvets should be changed with the seasons.

5. last movie I saw in theaters was “Eat, Pray and Love”. That takes away from my street cred I know.

6. I have never been to the West Coast or Europe and am dying to go to both.

7. I own 5 pair of tweezers.

8. I cannot stand the orange Dial soap. It is just stupid.

9. I think sharing a spoon with someone is so gross and unhygienic. It doesn’t matter if you are kissing that person. Wait. Let me rephrase that. It has nothing to do with you. It doesn’t matter if I am kissing or have had kissed that person. I will not. I repeat. WILL NOT. Share a spoon. That is just vial. Forks are welcome and so is a straw but a spoon. YUCK!

10. I am a shape snob. Circles are chubby, triangles and going in too many directions, rhomboids…whatever. Squares are where its at.

11. Places you won’t ever find me: Walmart, Kohls, Abercrombie, Chick-fil-a just twice but I don’t like it…so I guess I should take it off the list. Nope. Keepin it, Charlotte Roose that place is so bad it doesn’t deserve the proper spelling , Subway, Vera Bradley don’t get me started,  GameStop and Petco.

12. I eat ice cream every day.

13. I don’t think 30 Rock is that funny.

so much to say

trying to figure out how to best articulate all that i want to say. i think i will take the bullet point approach. there is just too much random stuff.

*today was just fabulous. chatted with new friends on my new computer 🙂
*I am so tired of going to year left-feel like forever
*My new church is AMAZING! I am blown away
*I am really excited about my new girlfriends 
*I am pumped out it being spring, although the weather has been crazy. Working out, smoothies, lunches, gardens, friends, trips?, games, windows open, sitting outside
*Learning how not to rush this season of my life. Im ready for my new life but we have a legal system that takes a while
*I have wonderful neighbors-they are from Nepal-we eat together, they watch Bailey, we talk about life
*Bailey is so beautiful. Her blue eyes, blonde hair, smile, hands, belly, teeth, cheeks. She is my doll
*I am on a Chipotle kick. I love Chipotle.
*God is so faithful. I am not just saying that in hopes for the future. I am saying that because of the past. What HE has already done. wow. blown away
*Dear new season of life, Bring it!
*I love the following artists: Jason Upton, Misty Edwards and Laura Hackett. They are rocking my world right now. Lots.
*I want to live in Anthropologie. My home will look like that.
*I am not excited for summer. I hate the heat. I sweat a lot. blah. Those who like summer, i have found, are those non sweaters.jerks.
*I want a clothes line in my backyard. I will use it.
*I don’t like leather seats in a car
*I can’t wait to be 30!! That is gonna be my best year. Me and my best gal are gonna go to Greece.
*I have so much on my bucket list. I want to cross off one thing a month (at least)
*I don’t like lids on cups. I will take my mug everywhere-not a travel mug.speaking of mugs…..I collect them. I love them
*I like lots of cream in my coffee, white cake and vanilla ice cream….well, drumstick ice cream but you get the point.
*I want to go to Norway, Nepal and California…and Canada and Iceland
* I am confident and motivated with Jesus and a story. Sounds like a powerful combo
*I am a dental hygiene student. If I have seen you in person. I have noticed your teeth, classified you and have your treatment plan ready. Would you like a whiter, brighter smile? 
*I wake up happy
*I go to be excited
*I love the camera. I am a model. I have lots of photographers as friends. The camera and I are dear friends. That is my art. Its fun to actually be the art. A painting can’t say that. 
*Brown is my favorite color. I am my favorite color
*I grew up in Kansas City. I love the midwest and am slowly liking the east coast. I am a midwest girl at heart though. (but..i do hate walmart)
the end.