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Life is so wonderful. I have so much to blog about. Where to begin……..
I got home really late last nite from my trip to Kansas City and then stayed up way too late but it was worth it. I will have today to reflect. It was by far my best visit home. There are new characters in my story now. 
I had some wonderful convo with a few of these characters this week. Ahhhh. Life. It is just beautiful. Love where you are at. Whether it is a season of mourning or of rejoicing. Be present in it. Fully feel the emotions that you feel. 
If you are alone then fully be alone. Walk that out with the Lord. Experience it. 
If you are pregnant then each day experience it. BE sick. Hold your belly. Go THROUGH it. And when it comes time to have the baby then be ever so present in that moment. 
Breathe it in. Let your soul be refined. Let your perspective be challenged and allow the LORD to do in that moment what HE wants. CHOSE to have a better story. I love my story. It is MINE. Fully mine. I am responsible for it and to it. I want to be present as each paragraph gets written. I want to remember it. I want to walk thru each emotion as if I am walking through a foreign city….taking note of each building, the smell, the people, the sounds, the food…
There were a few experiences while on my trip that I fully experienced and remember so clearly. I breathed it in. I can close my eyes now and see it and feel it. Mmmmmm. I want all of life to be like that. 
I don’t want to get caught up in this rat race. I want to experience people and life and coffee and good food and my story. How many times do we wish that we can hurry and get to the next thing in life-the next semester, car, significant other, town, job, season. Oh if we would stop that. If I would stop that. I am. I have. And what a beautiful thing it is. Life is better today because I fully went through yesterday. And tomorrow I will see things a bit different because of what I walked out today. I am excited for you. I hope you fully read what I wrote. I hope you can feel what I am feeling. I hope you walk out life. I hope Germany wins. 

Tyler Durden

I am so mad.
USA lost today and work was slightly and by slightly I mean really annoying. 
I want to fight someone.
Fight Club style.
I would win. 


I will be watching the World Cup. I mean…….why not?
I know not much about futbol at all. i mean, i get the game but don’t really know the positions..midfield?

goalie? forward? is that it? but what i do know is that there are lovely men running around all athletic and sweaty and kicking a ball for a long period of time in which shirts come off and they hug each other

 or cry but it doesn’t matter because they look great. Oh, did I mention that most of them have some sort of an accent or don’t speak English at all!!!!! wow.There is something about a soccer player that is so different than the other sports. I can’t put my finger on it…keep it clean bre…keep it clean but whatever it is I am a fan.

 I think heaven might just have a soccer match going on. It will be eternity of the European Cup. Yes please. I am a believer. I WILL be in heaven. Jesus is my Lord and futbol is my sport of choice.