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Center St.

I just had a wonderful (and by wonderful I mean horribly hot, out of shape body hurts) run in the perfect little community that I live in. I wanted to go a new way this time and went up the lovely Riding Center Drive and then came home via Center St. Oh Center St. It is so perfect. On the left are the most massive, new, cookie cutter homes (Toll Brother’s I think), and to the right are these little white single family homes tucked in one beside the other. Each has 1 big tree in front, 5 bushes, white paint, a 4×4 foot front yard and a cute little deck. Oh the illusion of perfection. It makes me smile. No matter how hard we try to make our outside look so put together we all know its just an illusion. We are all in it. This life that is. This hard, unpredictable, wonderful life. Let us stop pretending. There is Freedom in the end. (no really-Freedom High school is at the end of the street:) I love that.