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Coffee talk

How long has it been since a coffee talk?! I am at Broadway Cafe in Kansas City right now. Such a lovely place. There are about 12 people here not including myself. Only one person has a computer open. Everyone else is reading or drawing cartoons. No cell phones are out. I see no designer labels. No glasses of wine. Americano’s, bike helmets and awesome leather satchels are around me. Billy Holiday is the music choice right now in this place. I am obviously in a foreign place. I love this place. This culture. It is such a different culture. I love the simplicity of life here. I love that the local coffee shops out number the Starbucks. I love the lack of traffic and that I always find the coolest vintage dresses here. I love my family and my friends here. I love that on my way here, I saw a man with a sign that said: “JOKES 25cents”. I love that, while on the Plaza today, a man came up to my friend S. and I and starting rapping to us. He was the most terrible of rappers and I think he should look into another profession. I love all the food that I have stuffed into my mouth. I love that I could buy a coffee mug with change. Yes, It was 35 cents. I love that you can buy things with just cents. It’s like I went through some time travel machine. I love that you can listen to other peoples conversation and it will almost always be in English. I love that there are BBQ joints within a 5 mile radius. I love that it takes 15 minutes to get anywhere. I love this place. This culture. This people.

Don’t mess with Missouri

They say things are bigger in Texas. Well Texas, I think you have some competition in Missouri. 

Missouri loves company

Someone stayed up way too late getting blog ideas and business ideas. I feel like death right now but got really inspired and overwhelmed and encouraged and tired. I want to get away. Oh lucky me! I get to go on “vacation” in two days!! I can’t wait ūüôā I put it in quotes because is going to see your family in Missouri ever classified as a vacation? Hawaii- vacation. Norway with lover, vacation. Spain with girlfriends, vacation. Missouri to visit family,…

Newsflash: Missouri is not Kansas

I have been getting some funny responses lately when people hear the response to where I am from. RECENT INCIDENT #1: ¬†Just last week at work, I asked the shoe shine guy what time the Missouri/Nebraska game was on. I work at Nordstrom. They have a shoe shine guy. Or 3. They are all 60 year old black men that are hilarious. ¬†So the guy looks at me, while in the middle of shining a beautiful chestnut wingtip Santorelli, and laughs out loud. The man whose shoe he was shining also laughed and so did the 2 other guys that were standing there. I asked why the laughs were necessary and mentioned that I was rooting for Missouri and so I cared about the game. That made them laugh harder. The shoe shine guy said, “MISSOURI? Who is from Missouri?”. ¬†More laughs rose and as I walked away shaking my head. A few minutes later the guy came up to me and said again, “Missouri?”. I let him know that he did not ask as question and that he just said the name of my home state. He then said, “Are there black people in Missouri?”. I said yes and that I was from Kansas City. He said, “OH. Kansas City! They killin people up in Kansas City”. I said yeah and that I would also cut him if he keeps mocking my state.

Yesterday, while at work, this sweet little woman from Scotland asked to help her find something in the store. She was adorable, purely due to the accent, and I, of course in Bre fashion, started to talk back to her in my Scottish accent. I found out that she was a flight attendant and the airline had lost her luggage so all she had was the trousers she was wearing and a pull over which she called a “jumper”. I thought that was cute. Anywho. I told her that I would love to visit her country someday and she told me about the castles and what not. She asked where I was from and I said Kansas City due to the laughs that Missouri gets I thought it might sound a bit cooler to say Kansas City. ¬†Her little face lit up as did mine when she said that she was from Scotland. She said, “OH! I will have to tell my daughter that I met Dorthy! She will be thrilled!!”. This lady was excited about it to. I had to bust her bubble and let her know that I was not from Kansas. She didn’t care and carried on about the Wizard of Oz. She explained to me that her daughter wouldn’t know the difference and how cool it was.

These people out here act like I am from some little country state in the middle of nowhere where the people worship the alters of Wal-mart and drive old trucks. They make it sound like there are cows and workin men in Carharts on the sides of the dirt roads. Like people have little gardens and hang their clothes on clothes lines and know everyone in town. Well, let me be the first to say: SO WHAT!! ¬†It’s a great place with great people and good food. Everything is close and traffic means cars on the road and I can’t wait to visit over Thanksgiving!

Random ponderings #4

Just dreaming of life.

Walking out this day. Thinking of tomorrow. Doing the hard work now. Building my future one little brick at a time. The payoff will be great but it will not be now.

I am going to Kansas City for Thanksgiving!!!!!! I am beyond excited for this trip. My last trip home was the best ever and I expect even greater things this trip. I will get to see my friend L’s new baby, hang with newly acquired friends from my last trip and hang with my dear friend A who is also going to be there for the holiday!!! (umm. so pumped about that A. Once again you made my day) I just love that city. I love the people and the simplicity of life there. It is refreshing.

You know what has been really grinding my gears lately? Uggs and bootie shorts paired together. I hate both of them for obvious reasons but when they come together I physically get sick. A bit of vomit comes up and I have to quickly swallow to get it back down. I am also seeing way to many puffy vests. I don’t mind a thin puffy vest but the ones that stick out a good 6 inches in the front and back are just silly. Don’t do it. I will write about you. I am also not enjoying the flip flops that are still lingering. I wasn’t supportive in the summer and I will not be supportive in October. I also can’t believe that grown women are wearing the sweat suits still. Even worse, here at Tyson’s corner mall, they have the words tattooed and bedazzled on the ass of the sweat pant. Again, vomit comes up.

That was so negative. My eyes have been pleased with all the tights and skirts that are being worn. The Hugo Boss slim fit suits are so hot. I think every thin man should own one or two. I am loving the loafers without sock look and the short hem on the skinny trouser. There are lots of great looks going on this fall. Camel is a huge color for fall and I just love love love it. I know that feathers and animal print is big but I chose to stay away from it. I am diving into vintage pieces and can’t wait for my Kansas City trip to find some treasures. The vintage shopping in KC is the BEST!!!!

Back to work. I am so excited to get off tonite, watch some Modern Family, eat ice cream and take up the entire bed


This is what I did today. It took a really long time. I didn’t use a level. I am so glad to sit in a chair right now in this room and blog while looking at my little creation. I have a candle lit too. I want my home to be open for you to come over if you like. I mean, it is. Unless you are a creeper..and by using the strikeout doesn’t mean that I don’t really mean that. It just means that is what I am thinking but don’t really think i should type it.¬†I am having my girls over on tuesday. I am excited for that. Food & friends. life is good. I am missing Kansas City a bit. a lot¬†I will go back in Sept. I think. I hope. I really enjoy my friends there. There is never enough time when I visit. I need more frames. Will you send me one or 2? Any size.

Coffee talk

I am sitting in a coffee shop in Raytown, Missouri. The name of it is Benetti’s. There are 6 other people in here besides myself.¬†
1&2. What seems to be a couple each reading their own books, one drinking an orange pop in a bottle and the girl with a small cup of coffee. 
3. A guy next to me who is also reading a book. A HUGE book. He has a mug of coffee. I bet it is drip coffee. He has the old Nokia phone in a holder on his belt. awesome. 
4. Some guy who is drinking water and wearing a striped polo with gym shorts that are as long as pants.
5. I can’t see him. He has an Hp and is wearing tennis shoes. That is all I can see.¬†
(Everyone is wearing tennis shoes in here)
6. The guy that works here. I think he just got off. He is sipping a mug of something wonderful. He has a nice beard and 3 earrings. I keep looking over in that direction to see what he is doing and each time he looks up. Awkward. I think he has in earphones. I don’t know what he is doing. I think he is playing a game on his iphone or something. Probably sudoku. (I love sudoku) No wait…..It was his iPod. He was changing songs. He is wearing brown pants and some old school adidas. He was just taking a break. Back to work.¬†
These are the people that come to this coffee shop. They do not come to my coffee shop. They all have a story. I want to know their story. 
I have spent a week here now in Kansas City. I have done SO much this week:
-photoshoot with the AMAZING T.F.
-Skies restaurant with my dear L. and her family
-St.Louis with my brothers
-City Museum
-Budweiser factory
-The most amazing wedding that I have ever been to
-The Peanut and Bait Shop with L. and her man and his friend (SO FUN!)
-The Foundary in Westport with old and new friends and laughing so hard (I really want to visit Oregon now. Not so much Bartlesville…sorry) (OH..and let us not forget the cut-off shirt guy with the terrible half sleeve)
-Taking pictures of strangers in Westport
-Saw an old boyfriend
-Picked blueberries with my mom, grandma and Bailey
-Green Street Hooligans……it was a bootleg copy…didn’t work…The Breakup….no awkwardness….junk?
-Saw an old classmate G. (told you I would blog about you)
-Met some great people at the Welch wedding!!!
-The Redeemer church 
-Broadway cafe (twice)
-Got some great vintage stuff
-Saw baby J. and my cousins
-Got a new old clutch
Okay….so you get that a lot happened in just a short time. I fell in love with this city. I can’t wait to come back. I feel like I am suppose to be in DC at this part of my story though. KC may try to lure me in but I am not easily swayed by the constant temptation of great coffee shops, authentic churches, beautifully tatted people, vintage stores, old homes, low cost of living, amazing people and a slower pace of life.¬†
I do love this place. 

blog process

My blog post always starts with a photo. I find it first. It inspires. I type. Maybe I have an idea about what the pic will look like but usually I search for a random photo first unless I have something very specific to say. Then I start typing. It is usually late at nite. I typically delete what I have written several times before I actually publish the post. I put the title in last or near the end. I rarely preview the post before actually posting it. This is my process. This post was originally about how I want to move to the city (DC) and how I am really loving being here in Kansas City this week but really feel like the East Coast is home. Then I deleted all of that.

Coffee talk

I love Friday.
I get to enter into a city that I love to see new people that I know nothing about. Here I can be whoever I want to be.
Today, I had to go into Georgetown to say hi the the best hairstylist I know and do some business. I love Georgetown. I love the tourists. I really love how you can spot a tourist from a mile away. They can be seen wearing their oversized shirt with there state plastered boldly on the front or, if they are in a place like G-town or Tysons, they will be so underdressed that it almost makes you uncomfortable and embarrassed.  Also, this place of Nova/DC is overall in pretty good shape I would say. I know that Kansas City, where I was born and raised, is ranked #2 among the fattest cities. You can definitely see a difference. I am not saying all people out here are thin but overall, it is a pretty lean place.
I listened to my all time favorite sermon today in the car. It was the first time I went to my church, Grace Cov., which was New Years. The sermon is titled,’The God of Hope’. I weep every time I heard it. I am pretty sure you can go to and listen to it (it is the one that is on the first Sunday after the ¬†New Year). It is a powerful sermon.
I feel the Lord doing a new work in my heart. I feel like things/dreams/desires are being awakened in my heart.
It feel good.
I feel creative and alive and free and so full of joy.
My heart is glad and my soul is thriving.
I have hope in the promises of God.
I am standing on a rock that is not moving.
I have JOY that is unalterable.
I am walking out, daily, a story which is fully mine. A story that I have sowed into for many years tears of sorrow and doubt and fear and hope and faith and am slowly beginning to reap the harvest that my soul has waited and watched grow.

ps. I just saw a guy that was wearing khaki’s that were a bit short and some loafers without socks at my coffee shop!!! YES!! Such a great look.

I have a confident hope in the promises that the Lord has given to me. My soul is growing up. My palate is being refined. I love this life.


You know what I like most about the midwest? No…Its not the Super Wal-mart who prostitutes herself on each corner like little Ms. Starbucks does out here. And, it is not the overall lack of style. I like and by like I mean LOVE the sense of community. No wait….It is not a sense….It IS.
People actually get together. Yep.
Strange concept out here on the East Coast where everyone lives a good hour away and everyone is “too busy” and you get penciled in for the end of the month only to get pushed back because something came up. WOW. Do I sound angry?
I am not. Not at all.
Just slightly annoyed.
I have 2 faithful friends out here and i made a new one today…I think she will be faithful too.
Carrie and Virginia. You are faithful friends. Thank you. And Grace, you will be faithful.
Yeah, so the midwest does quality time really well. The reasoning is not important….maybe there is absolutely nothing to do and there is no traffic so you can get anywhere in 15 minutes but that is not the point….you make time for that which you find important. People are important to the Midwest. Work is important to the East Coast. Not wrong WRONG¬†just different.
I want to bring the crazy concept of “Community” to the East Coast.
It is going to be so so challenging. I have tried before and failed.
I will try again.
So give me a few folks who want to break bread together and share life together and I will bake bread.