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Crossin off the list

I told you guys that I was gonna knock out that list of things I wanted to do this year..well,

#8 Bikram Yoga watch the video above. This was the actual place that I went. I talked to the owner. He is the nicest man you will meet…and the most flexible.
#9 Fancy Phone

I am taking this year seriously. I mean business folks. 🙂


Dream car is a brown Discovery

I am packing up the lies and the doubt and the fear. They will not be allowed in this year. I am gonna try something new this year and I will be sure to let you know how it plays out. I am ‘just’ going to trust my God for this year. No agenda, no more ‘picturing’ what my life is going to look like. Simply eyes on the LORD.  I am gonna take some serious risks, go on a few adventures, hit up a pub in Europe and then go watch a futbol match while singing “Forever Blowin Bubbles’ (maybe not that last one), love on some people, share my story, go to the Northwest US, do some bikram yoga, get a phone with internet..wait. I need to put this in list form so that I can check things off. (Love checking things off the list)
1. Serious risks
2. Few adventures
3. Pub in Europe
4. Futbol match while singing
5. love people
6. share my story
7. Northwest US
8. Bikram Yoga
9. Fancy Phone
(just a few can call these resolutions if you want)
10. Skydive
11. Roadtrip with a friend with the only purpose being coffee and thrifting
12. Philly
That is good. Keep me accountable. I will let you know when I cross things off.

things i don’t like

i don’t like kites. they are so annoying. if someone flew a kite by me and i had scissors, i would cut the string. i would cut it in the little silly thing that they hold so it wouldn’t be so obvious. then, they would want to get that kite up really high and Poof! gone. am i evil. no. i just don’t like kites. a lot.

olives. ugh. i get grossed out when people order dirty martini’s. i try to get someone else to put in the olives. they stink. i don’t like olive juice. i don’t like when it gets on my hand. that is enough about olives.

this may in fact be my least favorite thing to see on a male. i am shaking my head just looking at it. such a sad piece of clothing. yes, you may be able to store all kinds of stuff in those oversized pockets but..why? how much stuff do you really need on your person? its like the go to piece for a hoarder.

you can like all these things. i don’t. and i don’t not like you because you like these things. i will not stop talking to you because your favorite drink is a xtra dirty grey goose martini and you can’t wait to go to the kite convention. just don’t invite me. i won’t go. or….maybe i will and bring scissors. but if you are going to do all of that….don’t wear the khaki’s. that would just be too much.

It Really makes me Happy when…..

I use the last of something
After I pay my toll and have that open space before the lanes start…I smile every time
I re-arrange a room in my home
I sprinkle sea salt on my food
I get home from a long day of shopping and forgot what I bought
I fill up a journal
The dishwasher and washer are going at the same time
I get a hand written letter in the mail
I find a treasure at a thrift store
I have a bangin hair day
The thing I go to the store to get is on sale
I eat ice cream
I cook for someone else
Bailey touches my face and says she she loves me
I come home on 50 and all the lights are green (this only happens after midnight)
I get really hot fries at McDonalds
People say, “Has anyone ever told you that you look like…” (Yes, I have gotten Whitney Houston, Rihanna, Prince and some famous boy but I don’t remember his name)
I use change
It is 62 degrees