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This is what my family looks like. Well, I am obviously not that dark but ya know. I found these hilarious little dolls at Ikea the other day and they just cracked me UP!

I am so thankful for this family and for what the Lord is going to do through this little rainbow of people. Have a  great Tuesday! It’s almost CHRISTMAS!!!!!!


I don’t even know where to begin.
First off…!!
For those of you who know how desperately I have wanted an Asian baby-No. I did not adopt him. 
 I cashed in my ‘Buy an Asian baby’ account today. 
The past years of knowing this man and the past few months of dating him have been unbelievable. 
He is the most sacrificial, kind, sincere, considerate, patient, 
gorgeous, gentle, forgiving, loving person don’t be deceived, he could kick some serious ass if need be.
He looks like Jesus minus the little slanty eyes & jet black hair.
His affections are for me.
His heart is pure & his love is a crazy biblical sort of love.
Every time I look at his face, I am reminded of how much the Lord loves me.
I do not deserve this type of love.
 Not at all.
This is not what I signed up for.
This is grace.
This is redemption.
This is my life & this is what the Lord is about. 

To: My brother and new sister

I love you so much. 
You are my first, tallest, smartest, quietest, humblest, gentlest brother. 
I am so stinking glad that you got married yesterday. 
I am sick and tired of you talking about how you want to get married.
I know that you are going to be an amazing husband to Kara. 
I am so honored to call you my brother. 
I love how you take it when Jon and I pick on you. We both know that you are the favorite so we gotta get our jabs in somehow. And remember..being the favorite means that you are going to be the one to wipe mom and dad when they are unable. It is not quite the honor as you may think. will be making more money than Jon and I so you will probably just pay someone to do it.
I am so thankful that you came out to Virginia to live for a bit. I will take full credit for your awesome style and that you are now going to be a chiropractor. Let’s remember the ‘wardrobe’ if you want to call it that, when you came out to VA and how you were gonna move to OK and get a minimum wage job workin at Braum’s or somethin 
My prayer for you as a husband is that you will learn how to love that hot woman of yours as Christ loved the church. That you will serve her and rub her back and let her have the last of the Nutella. That you will become a student of her. 
You are a great man of God and I thank HIM for you.
I am sorry for burning your hand with the lightbulb when we were babies what parents leave an open lightbulb within a 3yr olds reach… but I think your scar is pretty cool so, once again, I will accept your thanks. 
Look. I just met you Friday.
Not quite sure what I fully think about you yet. I mean, you are good looking and your quads are to die for. Your cheek bones are perfect and my brother married you…so..I guess I will learn to love you.
I hope you know that I have not liked ANY of the many girls that my brother hoped to marry. None. But once he told me that you understand his mumbling and you finish his crossword puzzles, I thought, WOW. I really like this chic.
I am so glad to have you as my sister. 
My prayer for you is that you will respect my brother and become a student of him. That you will learn to cook well and you will run a great home. I pray that you will serve him everyday and in every way. Pray for him daily and make sure he doesn’t get fat.
I had a great time with you this weekend and I can’t wait for you and Nate to get back from your honeymoon so I can re-do your wardrobe and teach you how to cook. 
Don’t forget that I am the oldest and wisest of the siblings. 
You got a great man and are one lucky lady.
Welcome to the Thomas family!!
(And don’t ever forget Mrs.Thomas, that I wrestled and I am a Thomas so if you EVER do anything to hurt my brother…
Love you guys!!!!!!!

Best buds

I hear friends talk about marrying their best friend. 
Sounds like a great idea.
Maybe one day..

Till a good lawyer do us part…

I have had this picture for some time now. I guess I have been waiting for the appropriate time to share it. Today would be that day. Five years ago today, I was getting ready for the wedding that I dreamt about my entire life. 
The fairy-tale: the handsome prince on his white horse whisking away his beautiful princess into a magical world (why do the Disney movies stop at the wedding? What happens after the i do’s..guess they would lose a ton of money if they made a movie based on Ariel as a single mom trying to keep her and the babies afloat…or do they not make it and have to go back “under the sea”. 

If there is one thing I have learned then it is that life never ever turns out the way we plan. It is not like the childhood movies we watch.
I wouldn’t change my situation for anything. For I know that I am truly in the story that I am suppose to be in. I was made for this story and am thankful for the grace and strength the Lord has given me to walk it out.
The Lord has brought me to a place that I would have never gotten to any other way. I am thankful that I have that book that I can soon close and put on the shelf. I have learned a ton in that book and am the better for it.
There are two sides to every story and I am well aware that the other side of this story is a reader of this blog.
To you: thanks for reading the blog and I wish you the best. I hope to see you on the Grammy’s some day soon. Thank you for a beautiful daughter and for giving me such a great story.

What would you title a modern day Disney movie? 

March Forth!

Dearest Blog Readers-
My deepest apologies for not blogging as often. I am working on a new internet connection situation at home so for the time being I have to sit outside of my neighbors house creepily as I bum their internet. I wish that was a jokeConfession #2. I am watching ‘Bethany Getting Married’ right now. ummm. Love it. 
There are so many transitions that are going on right now in my life that I kinda want to wait until things are final until I actually blog details of things. I am doing better than I have ever been. The divorce papers are going to be ready this week and they should be signed on Friday. 
Friday is March 4th.
March 4th, 5 years ago, I was getting married. 
March forth!!
I couldn’t be happier with all that is going on. My GOD is so faithful and good to me. HE continues to shower me with HIS grace and mercy. I am so thankful that life is about seasons and that through the LORD, all things can be turned to good. 
I can’t believe how fast time flies.  
The almond branch is starting to bud and I am nearly ready for the next season!
I have been dying to hear other people’s stories. Your story.
What has the Lord brought you out of?
What season are you in?
Please share. Email me your story:

One day

That dress!

Update from the wedding

I mentioned a few posts ago that I was going to a wedding while I was in Kansas City.  I went. It was perfect. I thought I would know some people when I got there but I only knew the brides family. I invited myself to sit with a table of all really cool people. There were only 2 people sitting down when I first got there but then a bunch of really cool people soon came. The table consisted of 4 couples, a baby and me.
#1. married 2 years. 3 months pregnant.
#2. married. handed out programs at wedding. really cute. guy in skinny suspenders and shoes w/no socks.
#3. married. hairstylist wife who is pregnant (with baby #2) and has a chest piece (tat). husband has dreads and tat’s and is really cool
#4. married. cutest baby.
then there was me.
I had so much fun and met a bunch of really cool people. I told the bride how much I loved her and made crude jokes with the groom. I hung out with the brides grandma(B’s mom) and brought her iced tea. She is from Mississippi. I ate the best piece of white cake that I think my mouth has ever tasted and ate all of the awesome food on my plate. I stayed till the very end and talked with some funny people after the wedding. I just journaled what my heart felt and I want to just share this little part from it:
     “The K/W wedding was unbelievable. I was emotional-my heart so desired what I saw there. 2 young hearts completely in love; 2 families coming together. The W’s were fully supported. The wedding looked vintage. There was food & dancing. The bride was nervous for her wedding nite. Their friends were cool & supportive. Lots of skinny ties & scruff & tattoos. All wonderful things. As I was watching them have their first dance, my heart really felt. I wanted that. My heart wanted that feeling. N was playing with her hair & looking at her in a way that I have never seen. My heart longed for that atmosphere. Surrounded by cool creative people who are walking out their little creative lives & who all  truly love K & N. As my heart was coveting, the Lord spoke so tenderly to those thoughts, “I have something for you. It is not this. It is fully YOURS.” WOW. I felt it. My heart stopped coveting. I thanked the Lord for that. My heart let that moment be fully theirs. I no longer tried to steal it. I did, however, take notes on the decor”

actually picture from the ceremony (you can see the back of my head 🙂

What the LORD has for both you and I is fully OURS. What a freeing thought.

Team Welch

I am going to a wedding this coming Saturday. This will be the first wedding I will be going to since my status has changed from married to separated and soon to be divorced.
I wonder how my heart will take it.
I will be there alone without a man on my side, without a diamond on my finger, with only unkept promises of faithfulness and love sitting close by.
I am sure I will cry.
I ALWAYS cry at weddings.
These tears will be new though. They will be tears that originate much deeper than my eyes. They are tears that come from a place of hope and trust in my God.
They are tears for K. & N. that come out in a deep longing and desire for you both to:
-Never ever lose your love for the Lord 
-Love each other more each day
-Be each others best friend
-Have FUN together
-Have accountability in your marriage
-Set goals, dream really big and get the Lord’s vision for you future
-Never use the ‘D’ word
-Don’t go to bed angry
-K.-don’t ever let yourself “go”. Be beautiful for your N. Do not speak ill of him. Respect his authority. Pray for him everyday. Seek the Lord and follow where he leads.
-N.-be better every day. Never become complacent. YOU are the man. Seek the Lord and be the head of your home as you are called to by God.
-Be on the same team. Don’t fight against each other but rather For your union. 

Enjoy your last week before marriage. It will surely fly by. I am honored to be able to share this day with you both. K. thank you for letting me be apart of your life and your story. Don’t forget that little scenario I set up for you about K. in the bathroom smelling her pits. Love.