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Dream car is a brown Discovery

I am packing up the lies and the doubt and the fear. They will not be allowed in this year. I am gonna try something new this year and I will be sure to let you know how it plays out. I am ‘just’ going to trust my God for this year. No agenda, no more ‘picturing’ what my life is going to look like. Simply eyes on the LORD.  I am gonna take some serious risks, go on a few adventures, hit up a pub in Europe and then go watch a futbol match while singing “Forever Blowin Bubbles’ (maybe not that last one), love on some people, share my story, go to the Northwest US, do some bikram yoga, get a phone with internet..wait. I need to put this in list form so that I can check things off. (Love checking things off the list)
1. Serious risks
2. Few adventures
3. Pub in Europe
4. Futbol match while singing
5. love people
6. share my story
7. Northwest US
8. Bikram Yoga
9. Fancy Phone
(just a few can call these resolutions if you want)
10. Skydive
11. Roadtrip with a friend with the only purpose being coffee and thrifting
12. Philly
That is good. Keep me accountable. I will let you know when I cross things off.

Zoe in Valentino

What does it take to get to where you want to be? Why is it that some people make it and some don’t? What is the deciding factor? It is not enough just to have an idea or just to work hard or just to know the right people. Why is it that most people that I have talked to are not doing what they so desire to do in life? The picture of what I want my life to look like is drastically different from my reality. Am I really ready to walk the path that leads to my dream? It seems like such a long and difficult road. To the few who follow – Do you feel the same? Does your reality match up with your dream?

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My Dream Man

You know how some folks have their “dream man” or their “dream home” or “dream job”.

I have a dream watch:

There she is. The Hermes cape cod double strap. It has about a 1500$ price point. I am not one to be into labels and fancy things so I do not just like this because it is Hermes. I like this because its perfect. So….My birthday is in September and we are about half way till Christmas. Just saying. my dream man could get me my dream watch. now THAT’S an idea!