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Like a G6

..and it is all working out according to the Master’s plan. Hard days are still to come but I will embrace them in order to get where I am suppose to go. The love of the Lord is amazing. He is such a good God, a kind father and a just King. I have never been more excited for a year to start than I am for 2011. It is almost here folks. I picked this picture because I really like the color of both shoes and the cuffs. I feel like these people are standing a bit too far apart but I am wondering what the rest of the photo looks like. What do you think. I think they are both holding children and latte’s and diaper bags and that is why they seem far away. I like that they are speaking the same fashion language. I am guessing those huge feet on the left are men’s feet. I like that his cuff is bigger and his shoes more worn..and of course, the no socks. I like her polished Mary Janes (although I wouldn’t wear mary janes), I like that her cuff is smaller and that it looks as though they are wearing matching jeans. I like the oneness of it all.