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The Soul Train

It is quite an amazing experience to actually walk through either a painful or emotional process. I have blogged on this before I believe. About the difference in walking through and experiencing the emotion rather than just trying to get over it or suppress it. Something so significant happens in the soul. The soul is allowed to grow up and get a bit more stable and understand life in a richer way. I hope that I never want the process of life to rush by. I hope to glean all I can from the moments that happen. I hope to take mental pictures so that might remember who I was with and what I was about at the time it happened. As I sit on my bed right now- typing, listening to Carla Bruni, windows open, rain pouring and wind blowing, I thank my God for this nite. This emotional nite in which my soul was able to grow up a bit more. A nite where my Lord met me in my fear and questions. A nite where I was able to feel the weight of it all and then able to feel the relief of it all as my Jesus lifted the burden and simply loved on me.

“Above all else, guard your heart for it is the wellspring of life”
Proverbs 4:23

blog process

My blog post always starts with a photo. I find it first. It inspires. I type. Maybe I have an idea about what the pic will look like but usually I search for a random photo first unless I have something very specific to say. Then I start typing. It is usually late at nite. I typically delete what I have written several times before I actually publish the post. I put the title in last or near the end. I rarely preview the post before actually posting it. This is my process. This post was originally about how I want to move to the city (DC) and how I am really loving being here in Kansas City this week but really feel like the East Coast is home. Then I deleted all of that.