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I almost quit

So I almost quit today.
 I wanted to. Like really bad. Not sure it would rank it in the top 5 wanting to quit times but it was def. in the top 20.
 I’m sure you have never wanted to just walk the heck out of your life- Get in your crappy car or your nice leased car, crank up some Metallica or Lil’ RapsALot or whomever gets your gears-a-grindin, hit up the QuickieMart, fill up the tank, get a highly caffeinated, overpriced sugary beverage, and get the you-know-what outta dodge! Man oh man. I may or may not have felt that feeling a few thousand times these past few years.
So I did what most folks would do in this sort of crisis.
 I got to Twitter.
 I saw the tweet that my Pastor posted of the sermon I missed while I was in KansasCity titled:
 ‘Gideon pt1’. Link to podcast
Here are some of my sermon notes who takes sermon notes AND actually keeps them and THEN re-reads them and studies them. I do. I will be getting a crown for that. Just sayin :
~Gideon was not in on the high hill when the angel appeared to him; he was in the low valley (ummm..yes. I can relate to that. I am in no high place right now..well, 3rd floor apt. but that doesn’t count.)
~ Gideon was scared; that is why he was hiding in the wine press (His people were being attacked and he had no idea what to do. I have no clue what to do either)
~Few do what Gideon does-HE DOESN’T QUIT. If you quit then you don’t see the victory (ooh. I want that victory)
~God wants to do something through me not for me. God wants those around me to be able to say, ‘only God could have done that!’(Well, considering my current situation, there is no way I can make things happen. It has GOT to be GOD)
~vs 12, the angel of the Lord calls Gideon a ‘mighty warrior’ although, on paper, Gideon family was the weakest in Manasseh and Gideon says that he is ‘the least important member of [his] family’.(My family is the toughest in  town but I may be the least important member. The point here is that the angel calls Gideon based on how the LORD sees him not who he was on paper. While he was hiding, scared and clearly NOT fighting, he gets called Mighty and a WARRIOR!
I did not feel like a mighty warriorette today. I was a more like the scared Gideona in the earlier verses who was hiding out in the wine press. But that is not what the Lord called me today. The LORD called me out based on who I am in HIS eyes and not who I am on paper. The LORD calls me a mighty warriorette which means :
1. I have got to be strong
2. There is a battle that I am in which means there is something to fight for
So, I did a few push-ups and put on some war paint I did neither of these things and put my perspective in check. I started giving thanks to the LORD, spent some time in worship and most importantly:
I. didn’t. quit!
Have you ever felt like this?