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Random Ponderings #5

1. I love the Olson twins. I saw them on Oprah a few years back and got really inspired. I was not a fan of theirs before that episode. But now….a fan.
2. I drink about 4 shots of espresso a day. Don’t judge me. 
3. I cut my hair about once a week. 
4. I don’t like super soft toilet paper.
5. I rarely wash my jeans.
6. I hate wearing shorts.
7. I get the majority of my daily fat intake from half & half.
8. I hate red delicious apples.
9. I do not use a microwave.
10. I sometimes use EVOO as lotion. 

Random ponderings #4

Just dreaming of life.

Walking out this day. Thinking of tomorrow. Doing the hard work now. Building my future one little brick at a time. The payoff will be great but it will not be now.

I am going to Kansas City for Thanksgiving!!!!!! I am beyond excited for this trip. My last trip home was the best ever and I expect even greater things this trip. I will get to see my friend L’s new baby, hang with newly acquired friends from my last trip and hang with my dear friend A who is also going to be there for the holiday!!! (umm. so pumped about that A. Once again you made my day) I just love that city. I love the people and the simplicity of life there. It is refreshing.

You know what has been really grinding my gears lately? Uggs and bootie shorts paired together. I hate both of them for obvious reasons but when they come together I physically get sick. A bit of vomit comes up and I have to quickly swallow to get it back down. I am also seeing way to many puffy vests. I don’t mind a thin puffy vest but the ones that stick out a good 6 inches in the front and back are just silly. Don’t do it. I will write about you. I am also not enjoying the flip flops that are still lingering. I wasn’t supportive in the summer and I will not be supportive in October. I also can’t believe that grown women are wearing the sweat suits still. Even worse, here at Tyson’s corner mall, they have the words tattooed and bedazzled on the ass of the sweat pant. Again, vomit comes up.

That was so negative. My eyes have been pleased with all the tights and skirts that are being worn. The Hugo Boss slim fit suits are so hot. I think every thin man should own one or two. I am loving the loafers without sock look and the short hem on the skinny trouser. There are lots of great looks going on this fall. Camel is a huge color for fall and I just love love love it. I know that feathers and animal print is big but I chose to stay away from it. I am diving into vintage pieces and can’t wait for my Kansas City trip to find some treasures. The vintage shopping in KC is the BEST!!!!

Back to work. I am so excited to get off tonite, watch some Modern Family, eat ice cream and take up the entire bed

Random ponderings #3

I really want to write. So I am. Despite the clock saying it is now AM, I will carry on. Umm. Random Ponderings time…..I think so.

I love that my friends know that I am always up late and that they send me txt messages late. It makes me happy.

I am an outward processor. I have used that phrase a lot tonite at work. It is kinda funny. Like it is my disease and you will just have to deal with it. I mean it not as an excuse to say whatever I want but to let you know that just because I have a “great idea” it doesn’t mean that I am actually going to go ahead and proceed with that idea. Like my great idea to travel the world and just eat. Now…would I take that job if it were I selling all my possessions now and looking up flights to Europe? Well, no to the first part but no harm in looking up flights…Right?

I am sitting on my porch. I am cold. Both of these things make me really happy. Like really happy. I am also sipping some tea and the dishwasher is running. All of which is deserving of a smile. :).

I am currently reading, “Prayer” by Philip Yancey and listening to the audiobook , “Traffic” and about to get the book, “The 4 Hour Work Week”….Lots to learn

I went to the farmers market today: apples, nectarines, asian pear, basil, cilantro and green beans are in my possession.

I think a kitchen should either smell like basil or clorox. Currently, mine does.

If you live in the Northern Virginia area, I don’t understand why you haven’t gone to Northside Social and had the Pumpkin Ice Cream. It deserves to be capitalized. It is UNREAL. Get it. And to the maker of that Pumpkin Ice Cream, it must always stay on the menu…..ALWAYS. Thanks R.

I am learning that it is good to test the depth of the water before I cannonball into it. And swimmies are a good help too considering I am not that great of a swimmer.

Birthday Month. Holy September. This month is flying by and I don’t like that one bit.

Monday, I drove to the mountains..Bailey was asleep in her carseat. It was great. I live so close to the mountains. Why don’t I do that more. I will now.

I wish I was a little bit taller. I wish I was a baller. I wish I had a….wait….

I have the best brothers ever. Nate and Jon. Such great guys. Lubooooo.


I have an eating disorder.

I would rather go to Antarctica than India, Oregon than Hawaii, Toronto than Vegas, Maine than Miami, Norway than Paris, Cambodia than Japan, Seattle than NYC.

The above mentioned disorder is called a lot and too much. I am thankful for a speedy metabolism or else I just might look like Jennifer Hudson last season.

Life is really hard now but I will not quit. Okay. I take that back. I might quit a few things but not life itself. I want to see how my story pans out. I also really want to someday have that Hermes watch and have a 6 burner industrial kitchen stove so….I will keep on keepin on.

“I wait for the LORD, my soul waits, and in his word I hope;
my soul waits for the Lord more than those who watch for the morning, more than those who watch for the morning”-Psalm 130:5/6

Random ponderings #2.

Oh sleep. I just can’t seem to do you right now. The ol’ noggin is too full of dreams to take part in you.  I wish I could. I tried for an hour. You were so tempting too with your awesome duvet, down comforter, down pillows, king size/cherry wood/sleigh bed. I really do love you. What makes it even better is that there is a cute little baby somewhere underneath all of those covers keeping my spot warm while I blog and as soon as I am ready for you, I will move her aside and gently take the warm spot without her even knowing. Is that wrong. I think not. Maybe it is but I will do it anyways.  
I have been sick with a cold this week which has be NO fun. Bailey has done a great job of taking care of me though. The place is a wreck but who cares. She took care of her momma. I love her. I have one more busy weekend of work and then it is off to Kansas City MISSOURI for all you goof balls who don’t know. Now you KNOW! I am really pumped about that trip. I am taking a road trip to STL with my bro’s, going to a wedding, have 2 photoshoots and lots of folks to see in just one week. I am glad this trip is going to be a busy one. I feel like most of the time I am there I gain 5lbs and watch a lot of tv. This trip will be different. 
I am feeling like this is going to be another Random blog. It is.
I have been watching the futbol matches like they are going out of style. I have a HUGE respect for the game and just love how the world can come together for a few weeks. I love that I can go up to any decent male and ask if they watched the game and they say yes. And I actually know what they are talking about because I too watched the game. And yes, I did say decent male. It is great for my job and it feels good to be a bit knowledgeableI have never typed the word knowledgeable but it looks different than what i pictured and there are much more letter than i expected about the most popular sport in the world. Its about time bre. It is just because being a Thomas you kinda do wrestling, football, track or baseball or all the above. I didn’t really know soccer was a sport. I like to call it futbol. I sound more cultured that way and then I always get the respond, “where are you from”  and then I get to reply with “Missouri” and then I get that confused look. It is SO worth that look. Then I get, “No. what nationality are you”. Then I reply with, “my dad is black and my mother is white”. Then i get that look again. Then I smile, knowing that those exact things were going to happen. 
I have a really sweet friend G. who brought me food today. And it was good food. Thank you G. Thanks for hanging out a bit. 
A guy told me tonite that he doesn’t like girls who have short hair. You know what…….dude….I have been trying to think of a come back that wasn’t TOO rude but just mean enough to get you…so, I am still thinkin. Wait…Not a fan of dudes with bum socks. There. I hope I got you.
I really don’t know how women can go around with chipped fingernails and toes. I just really don’t get it. It looks so bad and only takes minutes to correct and not a lot of money. I want to walk around DC one day with a bucket of cotton balls and a Camelbak of polish remover and do some healing. 

Yes ladies, if you put polish on your nails and you have a job or do anything, you will probably have to touch up your nails on a weekly basis. Maybe even a few times a week. But…it is so worth it. Its like this…if you can’t tip, don’t go out to eat. If you can’t keep your nail polish on, then don’t put it on. Was that harsh? Did i get my point across?

I want some Gates BBQ. Beef on bun. And some Jackstacks. I love how people out here on the east coast talk about BBQ, like they know. And they will argue that Carolina has the best and Memphis. blah blah. KC. All day. 
I am thinking a lot about Norge. I will go to that country one day. Maybe next year? As a gift to myself after I am officially single again. Yeah. Sounds like a great idea to me. Oh, Norge is Norway. The Kingdom of Norway. It just sounds cool. Where do you live? the US. Where do you live? The Kingdom of Norway. Okay. Much cooler. ps. the shot below is Norge. 

I am really trying to embrace summer. It isn’t AS terrible as I predicted. I have embraced the shorts and swimming suit. Still would rather wear clothes but I am dealing with it. I still hate that hot feeling but it is fun to take Bailey to the pool and drink a really cold drink and eat more ice cream and crank some Dave in the car. 
Who has actually made it this far in the late nite ponderings of me? I wonder about who reads this blog. It always makes me laugh and/or smile when I find out someone really does read it. I really don’t know if you read this unless you clicked on the FOLLOW button and even then I am not sure. So click the FOLLOW button if you haven’t so I know who knows all these random details of my life. 
I really hate when people curse all the time. Like that guy who drops the F bomb after every other word. He could get to the point much faster if he left those out. It just sounds stupid after a while. Like he is stuttering. There are only 2 F bombs that I agree with in song. #1 is by far Damien Rice in the song “Rootless Tree”. I have never heard that word sound so beautiful. And #2 is Lil Wayne in his lovely yet direct song titled, “F today”. That song came in handy a few times this year. Just so honest. So pure. 
I think that is all I have for tonite. I am still not sleepy, I still feel sick and my eyes are still itchy and burning. I might go eat some sort of carb and have some water. Goodnite. I hope you are well. 

Things I learned today:

this is a dormer.

I had a great day. Just great. I learned a few things too:

1. most of the sulfuric compounds in an onion (the stuff that may or may not cause your eyes to water but flood gates are opened when I chop on onion) are concentrated at the base of the onion so you should cut that part last (or not at all). IT WORKS!!!!

2. when a 2 1/2 year old poops in her undies it is really gross. washing it off is even grosser but it is just poop. it washes off the hand just as easily as the butt.

3. a dormer is that little window thingy that pops out from a house. google it. (i didn’t know what it was either. thank you B. for that wonderful tidbit of info) (no wait. i found the pic to make it easier for you)

4. I am a basket or a vessel. Equally both but maybe more of a…i don’t know. I am reading this new book and it is AMAZING!!! Thank you A. for that 😉

5. CoCo Chanel was an orphan

6. If you marry a tortilla with chicken, cilantro, avocado, sea salt, tomato, jalepenos, corn, onion, lime juice, pepper, cumin and a plate then MAGIC will happen!

What did you learn today?


Great day. I mean, today was a great day. It was a really busy day full of traffic and friends and an interview and Chipotle and crab rangoon. Chipotle definitely gets capitalized. crab rangoon…not so much.
I think I drank way too much coffee today. A great friend from the wonderful state of Iowa sent me a lb of coffee beans yesterday from the coffee shop she works at. The beans are perfect. Thank you Dana!!
too much coffee today.
Speaking of coffee, why do people look at me funny when I order my drink at Starbucks? What do they think I am going to order..I smile a bit inside. I get a tall Americano in a grande cup. Now, I do use a lot of half and half but not THAT much. I like the room at the top because I like to drink my coffee without a lid. I don’t want it filled to the top while I am in my car. Plus….half the time those dang Starbucks employee’s don’t listen as the “Tall Americano in a Grande Cup” is called and they fill it up anyways…makes me shake my head……AND…while we are on Starbucks…..Do the Americanos not come double cupped anymore?? Please do answer if you work at Starbucks or know the protocol for that. When I used to work there, we double cupped the Americano. I like the double cup. Just saying…
too much coffee today
I can’t sleep. I know its only 1am now but I am like WIDE AWAKE!!!!
This is never good for me at this such hour. My mind goes and goes and goes…..
Hmph…I want to keep this post light. Not get into TOO much crazy deep stuff of the heart. Keep it light. Write about your interview at Anthropologie today or something….Or how you looked EVERyWHERE today for a black head scarf and couldn’t find one….
Do you know what I think is gross? Biting fingernails….SICK!! Who does that? It’s just disgusting. That is why I bite my cuticles. Now THAT is good stuff right there.
I really feel like the year 2012 is going to be my year. That is the year I turn 30. I have wanted to be 30 for quite some time now. I think that number is just perfect. I am excited for where the story will be when I am 30.
You want to know what will always make me happy? I am going to tell you anyways
-a clean house
-gerber daiseys
-french pressed coffee
-jazz playing in the background
-full tank of gas in my car
I once ate a skittle that I found in the back of someones old car. It was in that little pocket that is stuck to the back of the passenger seat. I don’t know what that thing is called. But there was a skittle in it and I ate it.
I hate Kohls. I mean. I hate it…like really bad. I don’t support that place. AT ALL.
When I spent a summer in Cambodia, one of my most favorite things was doing Thai Chi with all the old people in front of the palace at 4:30. That was AWESOME. I also went to the Killing Fields in Cambodia. That was unreal. If you don’t know anything about the Killing Fields then a quick google search will help you or there is a movie conveniently called, “The Killing Fields” that talks about Pol Pot and what happened in Kampuchea in the 70’s. I took home a tooth that I found on the ground. Maybe that was prophetic.
I am really excited about something. I can’t tell you though. Just know that I am excited….and….I can’t sleep a lot because of the excitement.
And lastly, I am really thankful to all of the people in my life who have sent me gifts in the mail and emails and encouraging comments. I have been so overwhelmed by the responses that I have gotten because of this Beautiful Mess that I am in.  I thank the Lord that at least one life other than my own has been impacted by HIS POWER and FAITHFULNESS and GOODNESS and MERCY.
So..that is it. The blog for today. oh…Not yet..I went to Steinmart for the first time today looking for a black scarf. I got desperate that is why I went there. I hate that store too. Not as much as Kohls but pretty close.
Is it rude to ask someone if you can come to their wedding?? I think I am going to ask someone. I really want to go and they are going to have THE coolest wedding and I really like the bride. She is great. And I really want to steal all of her ideas for my wedding to come in the future. I think I will facebook her about it. I think she will let me come. I will let you know what she says and if she thinks that is rude. ….
…..K. I just sent her a facebook message.
I never want to live in India or Florida. They both sound really hot.
I wonder if the brown girls who like white boys are as obvious looking as white girls who like brown boys. hmmm. i re-read that sentence like 5 times. don’t know if people will get it. It sounds right in my head. 
I have some friends. I have a couple that are dear friends and one that is dearest. This is the end of my randomness blog.

Can I just tell you something..

Can I just tell you that my life is great.
Can i just tell you that I have the most lovely blue eyed daughter.
Can I just tell you that over the past few weeks I have met some people who are so special to me.  Some great companions for the journey.
Can I just tell you that I am so sick of school. My brain is too full!!
Can I just tell you that my heart is so full of joy right now and usually.
Can I just tell you that I am a good cook and I love to cook.
Can I just tell you that I am so thankful for this season of my little life.
Can I just tell you that walls are being torn down and my heart is becoming free!
Can I just tell you that I cut my hair last nite and I did a really good job.
Can I just tell you that even though certain people in my life have chosen not to fight for me, My God says that He will fight for me. 
Can I just tell you that I joke way too much but I am working on it.
Can I just tell you that you should never say never because the plans of the Lord are way bigger.