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The anti-hoarder

Hello, My name is Bre. I am the anti-hoarder.
I don’t like stuff. 
There is nothing more exciting for me than to fill up a bag and heave it into the dumpster. 
I am not scared of throwing things out.
I realize that because of this, my child will have few memories but I am okay with that. 
I will take pictures of her things.
Yesterday, I had my much awaited project ready for me. I have been dreading this for quite sometime.

Exhibit A. The Hall Closet

So. Step 1 of cleaning out something like this: Take everything out and spread it throughout the hall so that you have to do something with it. You can’t just leave it. You will be so ready to be done with this project that you just start throwing stuff away. 
I don’t have a pic of the hall but 5 minutes after opening the closet it looked like this:
I vacuumed and Bailey played in the closet for the next hour while I sorted everything out. I ended up throwing out 2.5 bags full of stuff. some of the things I threw out I might need in the ‘future’ (as mom says) but I have full confidence that I can call someone, who has a house full of stuff, and they will have 3 of what I so desperately need. 
After a few hours, yes it took hours, I was more than pleased with the results:
(No, there is not food in those pyrex dishes. I don’t normally use those so why keep them in my little kitchen)
Do you know someone who’s closet looks like the before pic? Why not share this post with them. 🙂

Coffee Talk with a Special Guest

I have a special guest here with me today at our Coffee talk. I am going to interview her and see what insight she has on life:

1. What is your favorite thing about the coffee shop? Umm. Chock-lick milk. This is not the coffee shop. The coffee shop is the one we went to with baby Aiden (Northside Social. hahha. She knows a real coffee shop when she sees one)

2. What is the hardest thing about life? To clean up my stuff

3. What are your life goals? What is life goals. (I explain) Oh to play and to go to Massanutten. 

4. What is your biggest fear? What is fear mean. (I explain) Oh- monsters and snakes. I feared to do swings. (She is really afraid of swings)

5. What are you most excited for this year? For spring. No. For winter. I so excited to do spring but it’s not spring yet. What is it now? 

Oh if life were that simple. Happy Fat Tuesday!


Why can’t life be this simple.