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Jesus & Johnny Depp

I am nearly single. This makes me really happy. I get a new start. I get to make some new choices. I am excited. My eyes are on the Lord and this picture of Johnny Depp. 

My milkshake brings all the boys to the yard

ps. the guys really don’t look like this. 
So I work at a lounge now. I am really enjoying it. The people watching in Arlington, VA is like none other. There are some great and interesting people out there and I am so glad to be able to meet some of these ‘characters’. They are not necessarily characters in MY story. I mean, for a few moments they are but what I mean is that they are funny people. What I am really enjoying is the male/female interactions…and to be more specific, the way the guys are with me. Our lounge has a TON of regulars and my lovely trainers introduce me to all of the regs. They are typically late 20’s to late 30’s professionals who make way too much money for the work they actually do so they work for the government.  Tonite I want to specifically talk about one gentleman whom we will call F. i forgot his name but it began with an F. so many of these characters have really cool exotic names. I like that.  So my boy F who is about 6’4, weighs probably 190, blue v-neck, ripped jeans, cool eyes, whitebread found out he was born in Bosnia and Amstel Light in hand SICK approaches me at the end of the bar and has NO clue how the next twenty minutes or so of his life are about to pan out. He shakes my hand and tries to order some drinks for his friends. I don’t have to give all the little silly details. 
His name was very odd so I asked him where he was from. He told me to guess I LOVE the guess where I am from game because I think I am pretty good at it 🙂  I guessed Greece because he just had the look. He said close and that he was from Bosnia. Once again here comes my geography that I did not care to learn but is needed to know where heck Bosnia is.  so….anyways….Talked a bit about what he does and what I do and played guessing games on that one too.
F tells me that he is really interested in me and blah blah blah who knows maybe he could be the love of my life.  I let him know that I was probably NOT like the other girls and that a relationship between us would probably more than likely NOT work out for only a few thousand reasons. Then F asks to take me to dinner so that he can get to know me really F? wow. i feel so special. my heart is beating so fast. I am getting butterflies in my stomach and a bit nervous. just kidding I told him that I would love to but I have a few questions. I asked him what 2 desires of his heart were. 
Answer: buying a home for his parents in Bosnia and moving them back because they want to live there and they did so much for him. The second one was something like working with children or….I don’t remember that one. Oh..It just came to me. He said that he wanted to find fulfillment in life. I asked him where he thought that came from. I don’t remember his answer to that but it  had something to do with helping people and kids which led to him telling me that he was working at this elementary school today which lead to me asking why he was at an elementary school today if he works in IT which led to him telling me that it was community service which led to him telling me about his charge with possession of marijuana and coke. not classic either
This is the point of the story where I held up one hand, looking into my palm as if there were a list of all possible future spouses numbered neatly with a Sharpie on it and with my other hand I proceeded to use my pointer finger as the Sharpie to sadly cross his name off the list. I made a sad face, gently touched his well defined deltoid and apologized for my deletion of his name. I did assure him, however that we could be friends and I could see him again friday he better tip well too!! He talked to me every chance possible and kept trying to convince me that he was done selling coke and weed and I kept trying to convince him that I was so glad, so proud, so NOT going home with him. He was heartbroken but seems to leave happy with that drunk tall girl at the other end of the bar. (ps. all of this really did happen. I laughed inside a bit)
You mean he really didn’t care about me and my heart? I am in shock. 
Dear boys at the bar:
Get a man’s drink, some integrity and Jesus and then come say hi to me at the end of the bar. 
signed-bre aka the new girl aka halle.