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The month of February was dedicated to making Thai food. I can now add: panang curry, pad thai and pad prik king to my culinary resume. March is for Greece. This is called souvlaki or gyro. It is super easy! I made the tzatziki too.

My version of the recipe:
1. Cut up some chicken, deseeded cucumber, tomato, red onion. 
2. Put some paprika, salt, pepper and oregano and evoo on the chicken, put it on a skewer and grill it
3. Make the tzatziki first:
1. Grate a deseeded cucumber (it will hurt your hands)
2. Buy some really thick Greek yoghurt. (they spell it with an h)
3. Mix about 13oz of the Greek yoghurt with the grated cucumber and add some white vinegar, evoo, salt, pepper and about 2tbsp of chopped dill (buy the dill fresh. no powder)
4. Dip the extra pita in this deliciousness while you are waiting for the chicken. (make sure you save some for your actual meal. 
Back to the Souvlaki
4. Put some evoo on the pita and grill it but just for a bit. Don’t you dry out the pita or try to put in a load of laundry real quick. You will burn it. I did. 😦 In that case, use what little isn’t burnt and dip it in the tzatziki while you are waiting for the chicken.
5. After chicken is done, squeeze lemon over it and use the pita to slide it off the skewer.
6. Put a ton of the tzatziki on the pita first. Then do the chicken. 
7. Cover with chopped tomato, cucumber and red onion.
8. Make more
I kinda love cooking and eating. I love the process. Come over. Let’s break (pita) bread.