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Are you kidding me?!

The Lord is faithful.
There are so many little stories that I could tell you about how faithful HE has been in these most recent chapters of my story, and I feel that it is now time to start sharing these stories:
Last November/December was a crazy time for me. The lease for my apartment was up the first week of January and I couldn’t afford my 1,200$ a month rent as a single mom. Graciously, some dear friends of mine knew my situation and offered their home to me. We had been talking about this idea a bit since  September and they were more than ready to have Bailey and I in their home. How awesome was that!!! So, as I started to pack(late November), I called to see which weekend would be best to start moving in. The person said, “oh, I am sorry, it’s not going to work out.”…..
What do you mean it’s not going to work out…..
Did we not have a few months worth of conversation about this? 
I was beyond confused but knew the Lord was at work.
So, early December, another friend sits down with me and explains that they need au pair and that I could live with them AND they would pay me. What an amazing opportunity! I was looking to transition jobs and the location would be perfect and I would get to spend my days with Bailey. They needed someone right at the new year too! This was amazing and right on time! 
Journal entry Dec9th:
 ‘When things don’t seem like they will work out, HE makes an even better way than what we could expect’

So Christmas Eve, I get a call from them saying, “It’s not going to work out.”

At this point, I had 2 weeks to be out of my apartment. I could stay but I didn’t have the money.
I mean, is 1200$ just suppose to show up from nowhere?

Journal entry Dec 31st:
‘I have no clue what 6 months from now will look like. Who is to say that I won’t be some women’s shelter somewhere. As I was just thinking that, I heard in my head, “I am about to…”. God is about to. I just have to wait on HIM. I have to wait on the LORD. WAIT on the LORD. It is so hard…Things might get harder before they get easier but something in my spirit says its going to be worth it.’

So there I was, days before I had to be out of my unpacked apartment with no money and I feel like I am just suppose to trust the Lord. 
Just wait and trust. 
Here is the post I wrote: 2010
To be continued….



Just jump!

Do you want to travel? Buy a ticket.
Want to learn a language? Sign up for a class.
Want your teeth whiter? Buy Crest white strips.
Want to lose some lbs? Quit drinkin beer and join CrossFit. 
Want to not watch so much tv? Turn the dang thing OFF.
Want to read a book? Read one. 
Sometimes we make life so much more complicated than it really is. 

Bags are packed!

I have a home. I am moving tomorrow. 
I will be in the exact neighborhood that I have been praying & wanting to live in. 
It is a better situation than I could have planned. 
I have trips planned every month till the end of the year. 
I am getting licensed to do hair! 
My daughter will start school next week and I will be 29 next month. 
And I remember what the Lord has allowed in my life in order to get me to this place. 
Not at all thinking that life will never again be as hard as it was, but, knowing that 
when I go through another battle, the Lord is faithful.
He provides. 
 He is gracious.
He loves with an ardent love.
 He is up to so much good.
He allows crazy things in our lives for the story that He is writing.
He is a master storyteller and a much better writer than I will ever be.

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The End.

I want to remember this moment. 
This feeling. The reality that things did not~
absolutely did not
turn out the way I had hoped and planned. 
They are so much more difficult and so much better.
 I entered  this home a young hopeful bride and now, nearly 5 years later, I leave this apartment a single mother not knowing where I will be living next week. 
I leave with a few loyal friends by my side painting, taking stuff to the dumpster
 and cleaning the bathrooms. 
I have realized so much in this home. 
I have, many of nights, been on the floor of the bathroom 
balling my eyes out wondering where God was.  
I have been locked in my bedroom scared to death to come out. 
 I have learned how to cook in this kitchen. I started my business here. 
I brought my baby home to this address. 
I have had my lights cut off many a months in this home and wondered how 
I would be able to pay the bill on my own. 
I found out that I failed out of school in the hallway and in the living room was 
where I learned about the affair. 
I painted all the walls and hung every picture. 
I sat on the porch and ate ice cream more than I probably should have. 
I sat in my rocking chair in the middle of the night and nursed my baby with tears in my eyes 
wondering why the Lord would bless me with such a sweet darling. 
I learned the importance of a stud finder, clorox wipes and a mortar&pestle 
I can’t believe 5 years has come and gone. 
Tears fill my eyes as I type this in my bare kitchen ~not because I am leaving this place but in thankfulness in all the Lord has allowed me to go through within these walls. 
I have gotten to know the Lord in this home. 
I have felt His presence and have heard His voice. 
I don’t know where I will be living next. 
My home is the Hilton for now. 
It is all a part of the story and I must walk out these pages. 
And with that, I flip the last page of that book. 
The End.

It’s a wonderful life.

Where do I begin…
Read this first: One year ago
Life is unreal. 
 Like, I honestly don’t believe what is happening. 
If you know anything about me, then it is either that I hate kites or that I talk about life in terms of story. 
A few years ago, I handed over the pen, that I was using to write my own story, to the LORD. 
Since that moment, life has never been the same. 
Life got really “terrible” for a few years. I put terrible in quotes because what seemed to be terrible was actually the greatest thing that ever happened to my story. 
Failing out of school and getting divorce was not fun by any means but it was exactly what my character needed to go through in order to get where I am today. 
I thanked the Lord then, knowing that the storm would pass. 
And it has.
My life looks nothing like anything I could have written. 
It is a thousand times better and a million times harder. 
It is too WONDERFUL for me. 
I am entering into a new story with new characters & new adventures. 
I am overwhelmed with JOY.
I beg you, if you trying to write your own story, to hand over the pen to the Author who wrote the world and everything in it. 
Become a character in HIS story.
Endure the hard times.
Have crazy stupid faith that HE knows what HE is doing. 
Then, get lost in an epic story.
What kind of story are you living?

Bless this Mess

We all have a story. The days, months, and years that lead to this very day. Some have sad stories, some boring and others, while only a small handful, really exciting. If I had to put a title on my 28yr story I would call it “A beautiful Mess”. The beautiful part comes from the grace that the LORD has lavished upon me. And the ‘mess’, well:
The Mess
About 7 years ago, I wanted to get married. Like really bad. So I, being the strong 1/2 black woman that I am, made that happen. I just wanted to have my family and run my home and hang clothes on my clothes line and have friends over for dinner parties because we all know that is the reality of marriage (hahah). Looking back, it was a ‘DUH’ as to why I should not have entered into that marriage, but at the time, it was all I could focus on. I wanted a marriage more than I wanted the LORD’s will for my life. So I got it. I started school to become a dental hygienist, so that I could work and provide for my family..biblical, all while raising a 2yr old. Well, within the first year of the program, both my marriage and my education failed. Ugh. I lost my career, my husband, my money, my pride all in the same year. Kind of a lot. And that my friends is what I call the ‘mess’.
The beautiful
I am so thankful that I serve a GOD that is able to make right that which I mess up. The LORD put a new dream in my heart. A dream that could only have come by going through the loss and rejection that I went through. A dream that starts in a closet. In your closet. Cleaning out the clutter, organizing what is left. Simplifying your life. Teaching. Empowering. Encouraging. Because its all about your perspective and when you lose what you thought was ‘everything’, you can either gain depression and bitterness OR hope and a future!
I am excited for a year from now. I am not excited for all the things I have to do now in order to get what I feel is for me because, frankly, I do not enjoy handing out postcards door to door in my neighborhood. That is not fun. But it is the step that I have to take today yesterday to get where I want to be at 30yrs old. I feel like I have a second chance at life and, by God’s grace, I am NOT going to mess this up. 

The Journey

Where are you going and what do you need to get there?

Chapter 1

The LORD knows how to position us for that to which HE has called us. 

Killing Me Softly

As I sit on this patio at a coffee shop in Kansas City, I am plagued with the smell of cigarette smoke. 
Why do people still smoke? I think to myself. 
Don’t these people know how bad smoking is for their body?
Why would you purposely put toxins in your body.
Why would you kill your cells one by one day after day.
Then I thought:
What do I do, day by day, bit by bit, that slowly kills my body, my soul, my mind.

Thoughts of past rejections silently kill my self-esteem.
Musical fumes laced with money & power quietly strum their beat in my heart.
Small doses of fear and doubt go down smooth every 4-6 hours. 
And I die a little bit everyday.

It is time that I wake up. It is time that you wake up. It is time we get the junk out. That we are aware of what we put in our bodies; in our minds; in our souls. 
It is my heart to change lives one closet at a time. 
One meal at a time. 
One conversation at a time. 
One day at a time.
What is on your heart?

Bridge over troubled waters

A bridge has been built between my unstable past and my solid future. 
It is up to me to walk across it.
As I walk, I look down seeing the dreams and ideas that have fallen below.
My hope can no longer reside in those things. 
Not in a marriage, not in a degree, not in a cute house with great appliances. 
My hope won’t rest in a great wardrobe or the best body or the most wonderful travels.
My hope is in the Lord. 
My dreams have been too small. 
My vision cloudy.
 And blessed is she who believed that there would be a fulfillment of what was spoken to her by the LORD’
-Luke 1:45