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Coffee talk….

Gosh. That picture makes me look tired. How long has it been since we have had a coffee talk…like months and I apologize. My doppio espresso with steamed breve and I are here. 
I can’t believe that it is June. This month ranks #3 of my all time least favorites under July and August aka summer.
Okay. Let’s see who is in the coffee shop. 
1. A lovely older black woman with the most beautiful toes I have ever seen. I think she must have just gotten them done. They are like a perfect shade of mauve. She is sitting directly in front of me and she is on her DELL. why do I instantly feel sorry for PC users? She has sunglasses on her head, which have the Crown Royal emblem on the sides, reading glasses on her face and pretty gold hoop earrings. She is wearing a lavender tank top and long white shorts. She has gorgeous hair and the more I study her, I realize it is a weave. When she sat down, she immediately got on facebook. She is on her pink iPhone now and she has the most GORGEOUS sapphire ring on her right ring finger. A silver charm bracelet loosely drapes her left wrist. Her nails are done in french tips and she is wearing brown strappy sandals.
2&3. There is a man and a woman behind me. They are arguing about a house and money and payments and some other woman. I don’t think they are a couple but they talk like they are closely connected in some way. Their tone is not a good one. They are frustrated and angry. I have no idea what the man looks like but they are getting up now so I can see them…. They just walked out. He is wearing stupid shorts cargo khakis, a white polo and a red hat. The woman is in a red tank and some funny long black shorts. They went out to a Toyota and they are smoking. 
4. This Japanese chick just walked in and got a Venti iced beverage. She was wearing the tallest pink heels and a super cool blazer and jeans and big shades. The Japanese are so cool. She was the skinniest person I have seen all week and I think she was probably about 5ft tall, but with those heels and her confidence, she looked about 6ft. 
There are a few more people behind me that I can’t see and if I keep turning around, I think I might get kicked out for being creepy. Life is going really well. I am deeply committed to the pages of my story. I will head to California in a few weeks and I am thrilled about that. I will learn some Chinese, eat really great food and see a great city with a wonderful friend. 
Happy June. 

Coffee talk…Nashville Airport

This might be the best coffee talk ever. 
I flew into Nashville Airport this morning and have pretty much all day free. As I was wondering what I was going to do in this lovely city, I took a stop at the Starbucks near terminal C. To my viewing pleasure, I saw what appeared to be a man with headphones setting up his drum kit. In the AIRPORT! So I got excited. 
Then comes another man with a little black case which was holding the most perfect of trumpets. 
Then this super tall fellow wearing a white Kangol comes on the stage. 
The quartet is completed with a crazy haired Samoan lookin guy carrying an upright bass.
And all is well with the world. 
I just love airports. This might be my favorite airport experience. My favorite is walking past each gate and seeing where the folks are headed. 
Destination: Orange County
-60yr old white woman wearing Hermes with a 30 thousand dollar face.
 I mean…this lady. Is she serious? Does she think she really looks younger???
Destination: Dallas Fort Worth
-1 pink cowboy hat, 1white one, 3 brown.
-8 pair of cowboy boots; one pink
-The most lovely of cowboys
Destination: Albuquerque 
-Turquoise earrings; four pair
-2 dreamcatchers
Destination: Any place in Florida
-Tommy Bahama polos
-worn out flip flops
Destination: Any midwestern town
-sweatpants and children
This is a great day. Listening to this amazing music makes for a great start to the weekend. I love watching the people tap their toes to the beat some are even tapping off beat. how does that happen? I love that a little boy grabbed a chair and pulled it up right next to the piano and sat so confidently. My ears are thankful for this time here in the airport. Thank you Nashville! 

Coffee talk

Backlit. The sun is quite bright. 
I am here at the old coffee shop in Arlington. I don’t think I have been here on a Sunday morning. It is quite different. There is a perfect combination of heathens and church goers. The lady standing in line next to my table just picked her wedgie..over her coat. It was all a bit awkward. She is wearing a knee-length black coat, blue sweat pants (they have a sticker on them. The symbol looks like the Ferragamo symbol..or, if you are in college, it is kinda like the symbol for Omega). She is also wearing brown loafers, no socks and her hair is slightly unbelievably out of place A MESS. I am guessing she had a semi-late night and will not be at the first service of church.  I have seen 2 bellies already. Did I mention that it is 26 degrees… 
I miss this place. Half of the barista’s are new. I said hi to R. when I got here. Glad he is here. I have seen one of those fuzzy head halo headband things that I am not a fan of can’t stand:
*Note: if a supermodel looks bad in it…..then it is probably not the best choice.
I see one home-made grey cropped short sleeve sweater thing with a hood. I don’t understand it either. Oh! I just saw furry headband thing #2 in black. 
I am going to order the quiche. Ham & cheese. That is what R. says to get. I miss this place. It no longer feels like home but it feels more like a fun little vacation spot. 

The Indian man

I love going to the asian market. Here is a convo from my last visit:

Scenario: I am trying to find this tea that my Nepali neighbors drink. I have many options. I grab what I think is the proper box and proceed to roam each and every isle until I find someone who I think is from the India region to confirm my soon to be purchase. Three isles later, I spot a man who has a red dot in between his eyes. My assumption…Indian.

Me: Excuse me sir, are you Indian?
Sir: (with quickie-mart accent) Yes I am.
Me: I was wondering if this was the kind of tea you guys drink. I have neighbors from Nepali and I want to make the tea yall drink with the cardamom and milk and sugar.
Sir: Oh yes. It is! This is the good one. How do you know it is? Because when you shake it (as he shakes the box next to his ear)- it makes noise. This means it’s the good one. It is the leaf. If you get one and shake it and it makes no noise then its the powder. You don’t want that one. It is not good. This is the good one. 
Me: So if you were to buy the tea then this is the one you would get? Do you get this kind?
Sir: Yes. You have to shake it though (shaking the box) and if it makes noise then it is the leaf. You got the right one.
Me: Thank you!
Sir: No problem.

I love the asian market.

Newsflash: Missouri is not Kansas

I have been getting some funny responses lately when people hear the response to where I am from. RECENT INCIDENT #1:  Just last week at work, I asked the shoe shine guy what time the Missouri/Nebraska game was on. I work at Nordstrom. They have a shoe shine guy. Or 3. They are all 60 year old black men that are hilarious.  So the guy looks at me, while in the middle of shining a beautiful chestnut wingtip Santorelli, and laughs out loud. The man whose shoe he was shining also laughed and so did the 2 other guys that were standing there. I asked why the laughs were necessary and mentioned that I was rooting for Missouri and so I cared about the game. That made them laugh harder. The shoe shine guy said, “MISSOURI? Who is from Missouri?”.  More laughs rose and as I walked away shaking my head. A few minutes later the guy came up to me and said again, “Missouri?”. I let him know that he did not ask as question and that he just said the name of my home state. He then said, “Are there black people in Missouri?”. I said yes and that I was from Kansas City. He said, “OH. Kansas City! They killin people up in Kansas City”. I said yeah and that I would also cut him if he keeps mocking my state.

Yesterday, while at work, this sweet little woman from Scotland asked to help her find something in the store. She was adorable, purely due to the accent, and I, of course in Bre fashion, started to talk back to her in my Scottish accent. I found out that she was a flight attendant and the airline had lost her luggage so all she had was the trousers she was wearing and a pull over which she called a “jumper”. I thought that was cute. Anywho. I told her that I would love to visit her country someday and she told me about the castles and what not. She asked where I was from and I said Kansas City due to the laughs that Missouri gets I thought it might sound a bit cooler to say Kansas City.  Her little face lit up as did mine when she said that she was from Scotland. She said, “OH! I will have to tell my daughter that I met Dorthy! She will be thrilled!!”. This lady was excited about it to. I had to bust her bubble and let her know that I was not from Kansas. She didn’t care and carried on about the Wizard of Oz. She explained to me that her daughter wouldn’t know the difference and how cool it was.

These people out here act like I am from some little country state in the middle of nowhere where the people worship the alters of Wal-mart and drive old trucks. They make it sound like there are cows and workin men in Carharts on the sides of the dirt roads. Like people have little gardens and hang their clothes on clothes lines and know everyone in town. Well, let me be the first to say: SO WHAT!!  It’s a great place with great people and good food. Everything is close and traffic means cars on the road and I can’t wait to visit over Thanksgiving!

coffee talk

I am wearing a shirt fyi.

Its an all new coffee talk. I am not drinking coffee now and really feel like I should get one just so that I can properly call this coffee talk. I hate to say it but I am not sitting at my usual Northside Social in Arlington. I am sitting at Panera in Tyson’s corner mall. I already miss the coffee shop and the people. I miss all the employee’s and all my little quirky people that I got to write about. I start today at my new job which is Nordstrom. I am really pumped about it. I do, however, need a new wardrobe for the job so feel free to mail in donations for that. The lighting in here is a bit terrible. I just ate a chocolate covered biscuit. Y.U.M.

There are way too many people in here to blog about. I think I might just pick out a few that stand out and let that be the coffee talk. Already, I am bored of the khaki pant and blue button down with the sad, blue tie, brown shoe, brown belt. I am wondering if it is actually a uniform for the government worker. If it is, then I really need to speak to someone higher up.

There is one lady that stood out to me. She sat at one of the 4 tops for those of you that have never worked in the restaurant industry, a top is in reference to how many seats. So if you have an 8 top, that means you have 8 people seated. You could sit a party of 6 at an 8 top. Or you could sit a party of 2 at an 8 top but you wouldn’t want to do that. You would just sit them at a 2 top. And I digress  with her son who looked about 4 years old. She was wearing a large salmon colored long sleeve shirt and it sadly swallowed her extra small frame. Her son, sipping his organic chocolate milk and dipping those processed chicken nuggets in a little pool of ketchup, kept looking up at her, pleased with the way he was dipping. The woman, however, was preoccupied with her nine dollar tub of greenery to even notice his excitement. She stabbed some greens, looked blankly at the kill, and shoveled it in the opening of her boney face. This process continued.

We are in a war between dullness and astonishment.”-Dangerous Wonder

coffee talk

This is a scary picture. 

I was sitting inside for a bit but quickly got my iced americano and came outside. The guy I wrote about a few weeks ago who was sitting outside will his Pelligrino and reading The Uncanny was here today. He is on a new book now and was sipping Pelligrino. Also, the man with the perfect facial hair and macbook pro is here too. He is sitting inside and I said hello to him as I walked in. He is wearing a salmon colored shirt, cool jeans, nice brown shoes and looks like he got the new iPhone because he has been on that thing since I got here.  R., the Pastry Chef, is here and looks like the Chef’s are in a little meeting outside. R. let me enjoy some almonds that he made which were perfectly enveloped in a sugar coating. Mmmm.

When I came home from work last nite, I was desperate for chick peas. Why? I have no clue. So I made a chick pea curry thing. YUM!!! I can’t tell you what spices I put in it because my spices are from my Nepali neighbor and there are, of course, no labels. So, if you like chick peas, here is the “recipe”:

*1 can chick peas
*some tomatoes
*some leftover stuff from the pizza I made the day before including: jalepenos, turkey bacon and chicken
* fresh ground pepper
*red spices
*dark brown spices
*medium brown spices

Brown the onions with delicious EVOO (extra virgin olive oil).
Dump in can of chick peas
Dump in other stuff
pour in the liquid from the can of chick peas
Add the spices
Medium high heat
Then reduce to simmer
So maybe my future won’t involve writing recipes. But let me tell you. It tastes AMAZING.

I have decided to get in the best shape of my life.

 I am cutting carbs (not as many pizzas for me 😦 ) , taking my vitamins, eating really well and often, and doing crossfit workouts. I feel great! I have a goal in mind and I plan on reaching that.

I mean……yes please.

 I know it will take a lot of hard work and discipline but I’m ready. Did I make vows to August? I don’t think I did. I want nothing to do with the month. Thank God it is almost over.

Did I mention that my birthday is in September?? I think it is the greatest month. My last birthday was terrible and the year that followed was, well, the most difficult one yet. I am pumped for 28 and this next year. If you have clicked the “FOLLOW” button on my blog then thank you. If you remain anonymous then that is fine too but you could click the follow button 🙂 That’s all folks.

Coffee talk

Listening to Charlie Parker. Enjoying an iced latte. It is warmer than I like but I didn’t get the usual txt from God asking me what degree I would prefer him to set the thermostat at today. He must not have unlimited texts.

to my left, 3 white girls, all dressed completely different than the other. One in a bedazzled brown skirt with a brown bedazzled belt, those weird boots that are peep toes and sandals all in one. those just confuse me. it is as if the designer started with a boot concept and WHOOPS. we just ran out of pleather….so…do we just make it a sandal? then some goof said YES!! Brilliant!! I, however, do not think it is brilliant. It is just confusing.  She is also wearing a brown top. She is a white girl but seems to have just got back from a month in the Caribbean due to her skin that is browner than mine.  She looks kinda like a glorified Hershey’s bar. . She is drinking champagne. It is 4:00 by the way. The girl to her right seems to have just gone for a run. A bold number 13 hugs the back of her freebie t-shirt. Nike workout short in grey and pink, Asics shoes, leopard print glasses. Red nails. High ponytail with chunky blonde streaks. She is on her phone and telling what seems to be a very important story. The last wolf in the pak is in white shorts, a grey tank and flip flops. She is sipping champagne as well and has on brown glasses that are bigger than her tanned face. She has on a silver watch and a turquoise ring on the opposite hand.

There are white 2 men a few tables up. Both in khakis that make me bored just looking at them. One is in a yellow button down with a brown and orange hat and sun glasses. black shoes. black belt. black socks. black brief case. yawn. The other man is in a blue button down and he is a large man. They just got up and it took the larger blue man 3 strikes before he was out of his chair.

There are 2 more men at another table who look to be hispanic. I won’t talk much about them because I would rather talk about the black man who was sitting at the table in front of me. He kept looking at me as if we were playing a game where I was whispering his name and then looking down at my computer as soon as he heard me. I was not, however, whispering his name. I did not know him. I wondered if he knew that he had ink all over his shirt.

A guy just came out and sat down in front of where the wolf pak is sitting. He was here yesterday and we sat by each other and as I was desperate for an internet connection, I asked him if he was having trouble connecting to the internet as well. He said he was and that it had been like that all day. He has a macbook pro and now he is reading a book but I remember his mac from yesterday. He is drinking iced tea now and he has on reading glasses with orange side thingys why can’t i think of what the part of the glasses that go behind your ear are called… He looks to be from some foreign land but I can’t guess where. He has long hair combed perfectly into a low ponytail and a face that is carefully framed in facial hair. He looks smart and I bet he plays and instrument. Probably guitar. He looks like the type to ride a bicycle places and to hate corporations and probably be vegan. He is in a blue shirt, dark blue jeans and cool brown shoes.

She didn’t smell like curry

Yes. I am at the library. The library that I am at looks nothing like the picture above which is in Dublin. My library looks new and smells new and has a bunch of Korean’s and middle aged stay at home moms with their children in it. There is no character and it smells clean. I would rather it look like the picture above. Bailey is looking through a Peter Rabbit book as I sit in the corner blogging, looking like a terrible mother…or wait…I could pretend to be the babysitter. 🙂 Bailey just called me mommy. I have been found out.

So I am at the library because, well, I don’t have internet at my house.  I was bumming internet from a lovely Motorola but yesterday, when I tried to get online, I realized that Motorola was no longer there. So. I don’t have internet. I think this is a good thing. Well, its quite terrible but maybe I need this time.

I am currently listening to a mom negotiate why her 5 year old can check out 4 books but her friend can check out 6 because the friend is going on vacation next week (lucky brat) and the she will get Lindsey’s books. The girl said, “NO!”. The mom then told her that she can get one more if she can find one in one minute. The girl is crying saying she can’t find a beautiful one. The mom is now helping her. That child needs to be spanked. The mother needs to read some Dobson.

There is the cutest little Indian girl, about 2 years old who keeps coming over to me saying, “Bub-ull. Bub-ull”. I am chewing gum and she saw me blow a bubble. Her mom, behind me, said that they just read a book about chewing gum. She is a doll so I keep blowing bubbles with my tiny, old piece of Trident. She has little pink earrings, a pink and black dress, and some flip flops that look like boys flip flops. She has short hair which is half up in a side ponytail. Her teeth are cute and spaced and she is def. a thumb sucker due to the protrusion of E and F (I learned stuff from my previous dental career).

Bailey is running around with a boy who is about 6 and has red hair and eyelashes. He keeps trying to get her to chase him. and she is. He sat down by her and she said to him, “Quit following me!”. That’s my girl.

Alrighty. It’s time for home. Last week was a bit rough. I realized that some pages of a story aren’t always exciting. I am learning some good lessons now. I will not look the same 6 months from now. That makes me smile and at the same time makes me realize that a lot is going to have to happen in order to look as differently as I hope. Pray for me. Thank you for being a good friend if you have been a good friend:)  Peace.

coffee talk

Its another week of coffee talk. I just bought Olive Oil here. I don’t think I have been this excited in a bit. Well, maybe since this morning when I realized that I am, for sure, going to see Sufjan Stevens in concert in Kansas City on Oct 17th!!!!!
The olive oil is beautiful. It is made in Italy. All of the wording is in Italian. That makes me happy. The front label says:
I am guessing it just says extra virgin olive oil but. It looks much better in Italian. 
I am sitting at a seat that I usually do not sit at. The piece below is the art piece that I am sitting under. It is much better to look at than the lady with the USA flag that I usually sit under. But, you know what I realized just this second? If I sit under the minimally dressed woman with the flag and heels then I am able to see the piece of art pictured below. But sitting where I am now, I cannot see the art piece below. I can only see the minimally dressed woman with the flag and heels. So folks there you have it. Deep thoughts by myself. Better to sit in front of garbage to see beauty than to sit in front of beauty to see trash. Nope. It sounded better in my head. Anywhoo. Here is what I am sitting under:

I am sitting in the upstairs. There is one guy on his hp and Jose’ who is rolling silverware at the bar. We just talked a bit bout what time I get off work and how late of a nite I am going to have. The guy on his hp is wearing an orange shirt and he has glasses and he is sitting more awkward that I have ever seen a human sit. He is sitting with his legs up in the chair but to the side so he is kinda sitting on them. I am not sure why. He looks so uncomfortable. I can also see downstairs a bit and I see 2 guys on the couch. They clearly don’t know each other as they sit as closely to the opposing sides as possible. The man on the left has salt and pepper hair and looks Italian or Hispanic. He has an hp and is wearing argyle socks, ecru button down, grey slacks. he is wearing a gold band on his left pointer finger and drinking an iced latte. I would guess he was gay by the way he just sipped that latte. No straight man drinks like that. He is well groomed but…he has an hp and a book bag with a NIB tag on it. The other guy is young.  I would say 10 years younger. He is cool. He has a macbook pro. 13inch. He has an old leather bag which I might try to steal. He is wearing cool black boots with little buckles on the side, grey jeans, blue flannel and sipping a black coffee in a mug. He is wearing sunglasses inside and it is not that sunny outside. He has thick sideburns and a little beard. He is not as cool as he thinks but he has really good hair with lots of product. He just saw me staring at him. I must learn to be more discreet.
Well, the time is over and I must go make some money. I had an alright week. I stayed up till 4am watching a french film with Audrey Tatou. I am still ready for an adventure. I am still learning about life and people and relationships. Enjoy your day. Peace.