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How to…

So, more than 3 people have come up to me, quite nervous, and told me that they read my blog. They go on to say how they aren’t creepers and that they feel weird telling me that. 
It is not weird.
What is weird is that you people can’t just click the dang FOLLOW button. 
It’s like this, kinda-
I don’t know about you but I listen to ‘listener supported radio’ most of the time. It is the classical station. And they are always trying to raise money because that is how they run their business hence the ‘listener supported’, have I ever sent a check?
I should but I don’t. 
Well, let’s face it. If I were writing for me, which I do, I would not post it on the internet and I don’t post those writings here. 
This is for you. Not asking for money yet, just saying:
‘Hey. This is a reader supported blog. Clicking Follow is merely saying that you are making a free contribution to my writings.’
I recently read a book about setting goals and making them happen. 
I have a goal of 100 followers by the end of the year. 
Help make it happen. Share the blog. Follow the blog. Love the blog 🙂
Here is how to follow:
1. Look to the right and under ‘Readers of the Mess’ is a button that says:
2. Click that button.
3. It will give you options. If you have gmail, then click that button. If twitter, then click that button. If you have Yahoo (I hope you get the point by now). If you have none of these then click the button that says OpenID.
4. Type your name. Hit ok.
5. Receive thanks from me. 
Did you do it?