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I spent this past weekend in New York City. 
I had an amazing time. My love planned the trip and it was perfect. 
~at ice cream at Momofuku Milk bar
~walked around Chelsea & SoHo
~went to Cirque du Soleil at Radio City  
~spent a good 4 hours in Bergdorf Goodman
~took a stroll through Central Park
~ate gelato at Bryant Park
~spent some lovely time in Brooklyn overlooking the city
The trip was short and sweet. We fell in love a bit more and I can’t wait to see the world with this man.
Next stop:
San Francisco (again:)
I can’t wait!!

San Francisco

Next month. 
I will be there. 
It is said to be the ‘asian capitol of the US’ that is ironic considering I am going to visit an asian friend. 
I will be there for 5 days. 
I have never been to the WestCoast. 
I hear it is magical and that I won’t want to come back. 
Things I want to do in SanFran:
-rides bikes across the golden gate bridge
-eat at some great places
-play in the water a bit
-go to the 4-story Anthropologie
What else to do? 🙂

The Journey

Where are you going and what do you need to get there?

Coffee talk…Nashville Airport

This might be the best coffee talk ever. 
I flew into Nashville Airport this morning and have pretty much all day free. As I was wondering what I was going to do in this lovely city, I took a stop at the Starbucks near terminal C. To my viewing pleasure, I saw what appeared to be a man with headphones setting up his drum kit. In the AIRPORT! So I got excited. 
Then comes another man with a little black case which was holding the most perfect of trumpets. 
Then this super tall fellow wearing a white Kangol comes on the stage. 
The quartet is completed with a crazy haired Samoan lookin guy carrying an upright bass.
And all is well with the world. 
I just love airports. This might be my favorite airport experience. My favorite is walking past each gate and seeing where the folks are headed. 
Destination: Orange County
-60yr old white woman wearing Hermes with a 30 thousand dollar face.
 I mean…this lady. Is she serious? Does she think she really looks younger???
Destination: Dallas Fort Worth
-1 pink cowboy hat, 1white one, 3 brown.
-8 pair of cowboy boots; one pink
-The most lovely of cowboys
Destination: Albuquerque 
-Turquoise earrings; four pair
-2 dreamcatchers
Destination: Any place in Florida
-Tommy Bahama polos
-worn out flip flops
Destination: Any midwestern town
-sweatpants and children
This is a great day. Listening to this amazing music makes for a great start to the weekend. I love watching the people tap their toes to the beat some are even tapping off beat. how does that happen? I love that a little boy grabbed a chair and pulled it up right next to the piano and sat so confidently. My ears are thankful for this time here in the airport. Thank you Nashville! 

The drive

There is a place that I am trying to get to. I have no clue how to get there..I just know that I am suppose to be there. 
If you have ever had the opportunity to drive from, say, Missouri to Colorado, then you can understand my pain. 
Kansas has some great basketball and people but the drive… 
And not just boring but hours and hours and hours of boring. It feels like you are never going to make it and you think about turing back often. 
There is a place that I am trying to get to. The only way to get there is to keep going and to ask for directions along the way. 
Have you ever felt like you have been driving and driving yet you still can’t see the outline of the mountains? 


This picture does something to my spirit. This week has been..I can’t think of a word to describe it. Life…oh sweet painfully beautiful life.
 I am so thankful to be spending another month in my apartment. I don’t know what March will hold nor shall I fret about it. I feel like I am in a catapult and I am being pulled back a little bit further only to get released.
 I thought that I had reached the max on how far the Lord could stretch my soul but come to find out, we can handle a little bit more that what we think. 
It is amazing to look at where I was a year ago today and see all the Lord took me through and how I never thought I would make it out of that season. 
The sweetest thing in it all is that it is just a season. Our job is to trust and rest in the truth of our God. 
The seasons of my life are changing. 
As I watch the snow melt and feel the warmth of the sun heat my face, I can’t help but be peace. I know big changes are ahead. I have no clue what they are 
I know that whatever these months hold, they are necessary for my story. I am committed to the story. As difficult or as sweet as it maybe, the pages must be written.
With that said, I feel a trip to TN here in my very near future. Maybe a stop in Charlottesville on the way. 
Thank you for reading my story.

What if you viewed your life as a story to be written and read later on in life..would you live it differently?   

Dream car is a brown Discovery

I am packing up the lies and the doubt and the fear. They will not be allowed in this year. I am gonna try something new this year and I will be sure to let you know how it plays out. I am ‘just’ going to trust my God for this year. No agenda, no more ‘picturing’ what my life is going to look like. Simply eyes on the LORD.  I am gonna take some serious risks, go on a few adventures, hit up a pub in Europe and then go watch a futbol match while singing “Forever Blowin Bubbles’ (maybe not that last one), love on some people, share my story, go to the Northwest US, do some bikram yoga, get a phone with internet..wait. I need to put this in list form so that I can check things off. (Love checking things off the list)
1. Serious risks
2. Few adventures
3. Pub in Europe
4. Futbol match while singing
5. love people
6. share my story
7. Northwest US
8. Bikram Yoga
9. Fancy Phone
(just a few can call these resolutions if you want)
10. Skydive
11. Roadtrip with a friend with the only purpose being coffee and thrifting
12. Philly
That is good. Keep me accountable. I will let you know when I cross things off.

Foreshadowing 2011

Oh 2011! You are nearly here!!!! My soul rejoices. There are so many things I look forward to in this coming year:

I WILL go to Europe!!
I love these brothers so much and look forward to watching them grow (obviously not taller.sorry jon) in the LORD
My business, Breeze Styling, WILL take off and I will be changing lives one closet at a time 
I love this little girl and can’t wait to share this year with her!
My debt is going to get paid off..somehow


Maybe my Prince will come? 
The LORD says, “I am about to….”
My soul waits on HIM. 

Small girl and white dwarf

Once upon a time, there was a small girl. This girl lived in a small village between the tallest mountain and the deepest ocean. She lived in a quiet home with a tiny white dwarf. One day, the gatekeeper told the small girl that she had thirty-four days to get out of her peaceful home or else they were going to kick her out on the dirty streets with all of her stuff and the white dwarf. The townspeople were in shock by this and kept asking the small girl where she was going to live. But the small girl had no clue.  With no place to go and no clue what the next chapter had in store for her or the white dwarf, the small girl did only what she knew. She worshiped her GOD, sought HIS face and trusted that HE would once again come through for her, as HE has done time and time again. She knew that her GOD would somehow make a way when there seemed to be no way.  That although she could not yet see over this mountain, she must keep walking and that soon, and very soon, she would see over the mountain and then, and only then, will she and the white dwarf be ready for their next adventure.

Missouri loves company

Someone stayed up way too late getting blog ideas and business ideas. I feel like death right now but got really inspired and overwhelmed and encouraged and tired. I want to get away. Oh lucky me! I get to go on “vacation” in two days!! I can’t wait 🙂 I put it in quotes because is going to see your family in Missouri ever classified as a vacation? Hawaii- vacation. Norway with lover, vacation. Spain with girlfriends, vacation. Missouri to visit family,…