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Team Welch

I am going to a wedding this coming Saturday. This will be the first wedding I will be going to since my status has changed from married to separated and soon to be divorced.
I wonder how my heart will take it.
I will be there alone without a man on my side, without a diamond on my finger, with only unkept promises of faithfulness and love sitting close by.
I am sure I will cry.
I ALWAYS cry at weddings.
These tears will be new though. They will be tears that originate much deeper than my eyes. They are tears that come from a place of hope and trust in my God.
They are tears for K. & N. that come out in a deep longing and desire for you both to:
-Never ever lose your love for the Lord 
-Love each other more each day
-Be each others best friend
-Have FUN together
-Have accountability in your marriage
-Set goals, dream really big and get the Lord’s vision for you future
-Never use the ‘D’ word
-Don’t go to bed angry
-K.-don’t ever let yourself “go”. Be beautiful for your N. Do not speak ill of him. Respect his authority. Pray for him everyday. Seek the Lord and follow where he leads.
-N.-be better every day. Never become complacent. YOU are the man. Seek the Lord and be the head of your home as you are called to by God.
-Be on the same team. Don’t fight against each other but rather For your union.¬†

Enjoy your last week before marriage. It will surely fly by. I am honored to be able to share this day with you both. K. thank you for letting me be apart of your life and your story. Don’t forget that little scenario I set up for you about K. in the bathroom smelling her pits. Love.