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Foreshadowing 2012

This might be one of the hardest posts that I have written. I must be so careful what I type as I know what happened when I did this post last year: Foreshadowing 2011.  Every single thing came to fruition. I have believed since about 2010 that this would be my year. I am beyond excited and a bit freaked out about what is going to happen this year. As I was praying into this year, I really wanted to make sure that when I was ‘foreshadowing’ 2012, that I was simply getting the Lord’s promises for my life in this year.

The year of radical obedience, ruthless trust and epic adventures. I am going to travel to places that I have never been & meet some of the friends that I haven’t yet met in person. I will welcome a new sister into the family in June 🙂 I will pray & fast at a level that I have not yet known. I have promises from the LORD and have no idea how they are going to come about.  There is no way that I can make those things happen, but after reading a little blog that I myself have written, I realize that absolutely nothing is impossible for the LORD. Yes, I have to go back often to read the words that my own little hands have typed. To remember what the LORD has done. We mustn’t forget.

I am going to pursue modeling/acting more and take some theater workshops soon. I am also going to work hard at my business as an Interior Stylist. I am excited to see where that leads and look forward to my online store! I really feel like the big picture is that I am to be a speaker. This freaks me out but trust that the LORD knows better than I. I will share this journey with you.  I feel like I read so many blogs of people  who are already on the ‘other side’. They have their books and they are scheduling their conferences. I know that those things don’t come over night and have always wondered what it takes to get to that place where you are doing book signings and booking your hotel for your west coast conference.

This is going to be a huge year. I can feel it. I will blog my journey and hope that you will write out your own journey. It doesn’t have to be public, but it is so wonderful to go back and be able to read where your heart was at any given place in your story. Let’s see what the LORD has. Oh, and maybe a little blasianite (black/asian/white) baby will be made 🙂

What do you feel is in store for your year that seems to be SO far out of reach that only the LORD could make it happen?

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